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1 Way to Make More Money Blogging

Build more bonds with top bloggers in your niche.

Make more money blogging.

Top bloggers whom you befriend can do many awesome things for you, including endorsing you, promoting you, educating you with their blogging courses, buying your stuff, hiring you, and inviting you into exclusive blogging tribes. Established, pro bloggers amplify your success, leading to increased blogging profits. Imagine befriending 30 genuinely powerful bloggers in your niche. 30 trusted, influential blogging buddies promoting you instantly positions you to make more money through your blog because imagine 30 large, targeted audiences being exposed to your eBooks. Trusted blogging buddies hire you and buy your stuff, boosting your blogging profits. Blogging buddies invite you in to profitable blogging tribes. Buddies who blog educate you, teaching you how to profit online. Do downsides to making blogging buddies even exist? No. Putting in generous effort and time is part of this blogging gig, anyway. Blogging requires work. Some deem work as a downside, but only deluded bloggers do that.


Making more blogging buddies by being generous positions you to earn the trust of more bloggers. Trust is the ultimate blogging currency because people buy from or hire sources they trust. Imagine a blogger with a large, loyal, trusting tribe, promoting you freely through multiple blog posts. Visualize a chunk of that tribe buying your eBooks and hiring you. Can you see why making blogging buddies allows you to make more money blogging? Gaining trust boosts your blogging profits slowly and steadily. But earning trust requires your patient, persistent generosity because to get, you must give.

Give Freely

Comment genuinely on top blogs in your niche, promote top bloggers in your niche on your blog and promote top bloggers in your niche on social media. Ask for nothing. Expect nothing. Earn the trust of top bloggers by generously, patiently and persistently serving these pros. Friendships form organically. Allow the process to unfold. Be patient and persistent in helping established bloggers in your niche. Eventually, as you practice writing and create content, doors begin to open. Bloggers thank you for your generosity. Bloggers begin to promote you and endorse you. All generous acts repay you in some way, shape or form through people, conditions and circumstances. Your job is to keep being generous to lay the foundation for budding blogging friendships. Blogging buddies flock to free givers. Generous bloggers become highly connected bloggers. Your task is to keep helping people and to not panic, bail and ditch your generous networking strategy, if money and profits do not appear to build after a few months of generously serving top bloggers. Profits and traffic will slowly and steadily increase because of cause and effect. Help people, relax, trust in the process and eventually, more people will help you succeed. At its core, cause and effect seems easy to understand. Putting the concept into action forces you to do freeing, uncomfortable things, sometimes.

Keep helping people and expecting nothing. Observe how your blogger buddy network grows slowly and steadily. Eventually, your blogging profits follow a similarly increasing slow, steady trajectory, as your blogging buddy network amplifies your reach.


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