14 Product Testing Panels – Get Free Stuff To Try & Keep

There are a lot of ways to get free products to test out and keep. Most of the companies that offer opportunities to do this do not ask for anything in return apart from a written review, social media share, or simply sharing the product with your friends.

On the flip side, you usually do not get paid for product testing. The vast majority of companies, with the exception of Pinecone Research, will consider the product you test as compensation for your time spent testing and providing feedback.

So it goes without saying, but product testing isn’t for you if you’re looking for online jobs from home. It’s not a job, just something fun and rewarding to do.

Below you’ll find a list of sites I’m familiar with that you can sign up with for product testing. If you want the max amount of opportunities, you should definitely sign up with more than one!

None of the sites below cost anything to join. However, getting products to test isn’t always a guarantee since competition for various product offerings can be strong.

Product Testing Panels To Join

1. Pinch Me

It’s easy to sign to up to receive free samples to try from Pinch Me. What they have changes frequently and samples have been going fast, so you’ll need to be quick.

It’s necessary to keep tabs on the site so you know when boxes of samples are up for grabs.

Go here to sign up for Pinch Me, or read our review of Pinch Me first.

2. Daily Goodie Box

Daily Goodie Box is very similar to Pinch Me (above) because they send out boxes of samples also. However, boxes are sporadic, not monthly.

You could get as many as ten samples in a box, and some of your samples come in full sizes. You are expected to provide feedback on the samples you try. Also, some people say you are more likely to get selected for sample boxes if you become active on their Facebook community.

Go here to sign up for Daily Goodie Box. There is also a review of Daily Goodie Box if you’d like to read that first.

3. Pinecone Research

Pinecone is actually best known as a paid survey panel, but they do product testing also. And, as I briefly mentioned above, they usually pay cash for the product tests in addition to letting you have the product to test.

Once you receive the product to test, you’ll be given a set period of time to try it out. Then, they will send you a survey to complete about your experiences. Payment is typically received within a few days after you’ve completed the survey.

One bad thing about Pinecone is that it is tricky to get accepted. They are only looking for certain demographics of people at various times.

You can go here to try to sign up with Pinecone. We also have a Pinecone Research review you can read as well.

4. BzzAgent

I have some experience with BzzAgent. I’ve tested Teddy Grahams and Ziploc microwave bags among other things. It was a lot of fun to get this stuff in the mail for free!

Like most other product testing sites, BzzAgent wants you to share your experiences with what they send you. You won’t be likely to get selected for future samples if they can’t see that you’ve shared your thoughts on the products you tested publicly.

Go here to sign up for BzzAgent, or read our BzzzAgent review.

5. Homeschool.com

Testers are selected randomly, based on geography, age of children, etc. for Homeschool.com product testing. Not every family will be selected.

According to their website, thanks for your efforts comes in the form of free books, free kits, and special reports. So this is probably ideal for you if you’re a homeschooling parent.

To sign up, you have to fill out the form on their website here. They will contact you via email if they have something for you to test.

6. Ripple Street

You may be familiar with Ripple Street under a different name — House Party. They changed their name, but it works the same.

With Ripple Street, you sign up to do house parties with friends/family where brands send you their products for your entire group to try.

This one is great if you’re lucky enough to get selected because they send you LOTS of free samples since you will be sharing them with a group of friends.

Go here to sign up for Ripple Street.

7. Influenster

Every month or so, Influenster releases something called a “Vox Box” full of full-sized products. In exchange for receiving it (if you’re lucky enough to be selected to get it), you have to review and share the products across social media.

I have been selected for Vox Boxes a few times, and I’ve been very pleased with the size and quantity of the samples in my box.

Go here to sign up for Influenster, or read our Influenster review first.

8. InStyle Trendsetters

Per the website, “As an InStyle Trendsetter, you’ll have regular opportunities to share your thoughts, opinions and preferences on a variety of style topics from fashion to beauty to home décor. You’ll also have insider opportunities to evaluate brand-new products, and even give us feedback about InStyle itself!”

I have no experience with this one, but InStyle is a known, quality brand. I do know their Trendsetters panel has been around for quite a while.

Go here to become an InStyle Trendsetter.

9. Mom’s Meet

If you’re a mom who really enjoys trying out new “green” products, Mom’s Meet would be ideal for you. Note you must a be a Mom Ambassador or a blogger to participate in their product testing opportunities. You can join as a Mom Ambassador for free.

You are free to choose the products you’d like to sample. If you’re a Mom Ambassador, you’ll have to complete surveys about the products you tried. And if you’re a blogger, you’ll be expected to write about the products on your blog.

Go here to sign up with Mom’s Meet.

10. BetaBound

BetaBound is a free service provided by Centercode that offers you a chance to participate in beta tests. These are typically for software and tech products.

Members have tested products from Logitech, Dell, TomTom, Apple, T-Mobile, Polycom, Kodak, Yahoo!, and many other great companies.

Go here to sign up as a beta tester for BetaBound.

11. SheSpeaks

SheSpeaks is a product testing/influencer program geared toward women. Per the website, “Members test and review products, weigh-in on topics via surveys, discussion forums & polls, attend VIP events & even get to star in the SheSpeaksTV videos!”

I have tested a Sonicare electric toothbrush and an Oreida potato masher for She Speaks. Overall, my experience was really good.

Go here to sign up with SheSpeaks.

12. Smiley 360

Smiley 360 is another great product testing panel that I have experience with. I remember they sent me a giant box of Green Mountain Coffee K-cups to test several years ago. It was awesome! If you’re a coffee lover like me, happiness equals getting a big box of free coffee on your doorstep.

If you sign up, the products you’ll be invited to test will vary. And like most panels, you are expected to provide honest feedback on what you get in exchange for the product they sent you.

Go here to sign up at Smiley 360, or read our Smiley 360 review first.

13. The Pink Panel

If you’re a beauty and skincare lover, you’ll want to be part of The Pink Panel. That’s what they specialize in!

This one has a sign-up that works a little differently. You have to visit their Facebook page and get signed up, filling out a form they have embedded on their page.

If you’re not someone who uses Facebook but you really want to do tests on beauty products, it may be worth creating an account so you can participate here.

Go here to sign up for The Pink Panel, or read this detailed Pink Panel review for more information on how it all works.

14. US Robotics

This is a company that specializes in computer, gaming, internet, and telephone accessories. They accept registrations for beta testers on a seemingly ongoing basis.

If those sorts of products appeal to you, you can go here to sign up as a beta tester. They will contact you if they have tests for you to participate in.

And that wraps up our list of product testing opportunities! If you are aware of other companies that offer products to test for free, please comment below to let us know about them.

Good luck!

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