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15 Facebook Stats Every Marketer Should Know in 2020

Facebook has undoubtedly interwoven itself in a big way into our daily life, as we wake up and scroll through our feed; it’s the new normal for our lifestyle. You can potentially see that over the years, Facebook continues to draw in users who hope to stay in touch with their family and friends all over the world.

You can experience interesting moments on Facebook such as cute cat pictures, funny videos, and finding out about the latest gadget. Undoubtedly it is a robust platform that always brings people closer together.

As a business that operates in the digital marketing space(which consequently is every business), you have a wealth of useful information available for you to peruse on your dashboard. Realistically speaking, as a marketer, stats help you to make sense of the platform and how you can leverage this opportunity for your business or your clients business. It puts you ahead of the pack in a big way.

With that said, let’s consider 15 stats that you need to know in 2020.

1.  Average time on Facebook

The reality is that you probably spend way too much time on social media, with Facebook being the most significant time stealer. Yet in this case, that is a good thing as you are in good company. At present, Facebook users spend 58.5 minutes on the platform daily, according to recode.

Here is why that’s important for you:

  • Facebook users do access the website once a day, or they could do it multiple times. Yet the interesting fact is that they spend close to 1-hour browsing. That simply means you have a significant share in their attention factor.
  • Facebook users are constantly checking on updates from friends, family, and significant others, and along the way, you can show up on their feed.
  • And of course, you can take one step further by knowing the best time to post on Facebook.

The more time Facebook users indeed spend on the App, the better your chances are of being seen, but please keep in mind that your content should always be attention-grabbing, or they will simply scroll by.

2.  Marketers make extensive use of the platform

According to Emarketer, 86% of marketers indicated that Facebook was a platform that was adding value to their business. This simply means that Facebook is bringing in extra revenue into their business, and all the time and efforts are worth it. It also means that they know that Facebook is a robust platform that uses data to improve the user experience. Yet, at the same time, the data can be channeled appropriately and help your buyers get in touch with your brand initially.

Here is why this can be vital for your business:

  • Marketers are always attracted to the most lucrative platforms. Therefore you’re in good company and can use this to your advantage
  • Facebook is a great place to start a new social media marketing campaign
  • Since most types of content do well on Facebook, you can test slowly to find out about what your audience likes and does not like.

Marketers know precisely when a platform is working or not. Similarly, they are in full force on Facebook, and these a critical signals that you should be gaining the benefits too.   

3.  Facebook attracts many businesses

At present, Facebook boasts an impressive 80 million businesses on their site. These businesses range from online businesses to brick and mortar stores that want to grow their presence online. And of course, these businesses can be found all around the globe. The power of a Facebook business page is immense once you understand how to leverage the opportunities. In the early stages, there is a steep learning curve, but once you’ve built a loyal group of passionate fans for your page, you can be sure that they will be singing your praises in no time.

Here are a few things that a Facebook page can do for you:

  • Create a presence online by sharing everything your potential buyers have to know. This is a place where you can incorporate your detailed descriptions, contact information as well as a space where your raving fans have commented on the fantastic products and service.
  • Since there are so many people on Facebook, there isn’t a limit on how many people can find your page and start interacting.
  • It’s a great place for passionate fans to share their love for your services and truly create a strong community where your buyers can help you build a stronger relationship that turns into repeat customers over the long run.

Long ago, we had to share our business through word of mouth opportunities or pamphlets which was unpredictable. Now with Facebook pages, you can let the world come to you, and if you’ve created a positive space for your potential customers, they will likely become your customer for life.

4.  What are the demographics?

This is a critical metric when considering your ideal clients’ tastes and requirements so that you can serve them better and more effectively.

A whopping 7 out of every ten adults in the US say they use Facebook, according to the Pew Research Center. This equates to 69% of the American adult population. And you may have heard that Facebook has had some challenging times since 2018, yet they somehow retained their key user base in the US amidst these challenges. The age skew indicates that Facebook does well with an older audience, similar to YouTube.

This is important because:

  • Many of your products and services are strictly geared toward an American audience, and this certainly helps you have confidence knowing that more than 50% of Americans use the platform.
  • Trends, you may be more accustomed to American consumers, and you can leverage this knowledge to the benefit of your business
  • You can use this detail when applying demographic segmentation to boost your advertising campaigns

Overall knowing that you have a large proportion of users from a specific country gives you leverage when using the Facebook platform to market your products and services. This is one place where the demographics play a role and can help you sell better. 

5.  The age of users on Facebook

There are so many young adults currently making use of Facebook as a platform to meet their social engagement needs. The reality is that 65% of Facebook users are, in fact, under the age of 35, according to Statista. This is an excellent thing as you have a brand of technically-savvy users who are prone to buy something online, and even go searching for stuff to buy.

Here is why this matters:

  • Millennials and Gen Z make up the largest sector of the population at present, and their buying power should be noted. This already gives you an upper hand knowing you have members of the public who have the buying power as opposed to Snapchat or Instagram where the buying power is limited.
  • This user base loves to connect with their friends and are big sharers of posts, information, and even products. You can use this fact to create share-worthy content knowing that it will go viral.
  • Since your content has more potential to go viral, there is more scope to build successful marketing campaigns that get results on the platform.

Therefore, in this case, age does matter, and even though our assumptions lead us to believe that the users on Facebook are much older, it’s simply not the case. Use this information and make it into a practical next step.

6. The majority of the users are on the App

Facebook always planned for a user base that was using mobile to access the platform, and they simply followed the trend. They did so by ensuring that the user experience was at the right level and even pre-empted the so-called mobile revolution earlier on. They indeed have stood out, as their App is always keeping ease of use top of mind. In simple terms, it’s a breeze to scroll through the App. Therefore, 96% of Facebook users are mobile users, according to Data Reportal.

Here is why this is important.

  • Since users always have access to their cell phone, you will grab the most attention with your campaigns at any time of day.
  • Accessing Facebook on the web is time-consuming, but users who have their cell phone can scroll through facebook close to 210 times a day. That’s 210 opportunities for your brand to be seen.
  • The Facebook app is one of the most downloaded apps in the world, so knowing this, you can go ahead and optimize all your content for mobile earlier on.

This statistic is a testament to how vital mobile optimizations are for marketers and other business owners too. Use the information to update your marketing strategy accordingly.

7.  Facebook is the leading social media platform.

Of course, you probably knew this was coming, as Facebook is the current giant of the social media industry. You may not be surprised then to find that Facebook has a market share of 60.6 % of internet users according to their recent earnings presentation.

This is an interesting stat for you that can be used to leverage the power of Facebook for a few important aspects as follows:

  • Looking at the user base you can see that many people spend hours browsing on the platform
  • The users have more buying power due to the higher age skew meaning you can promote your products to an audience ready to buy through their powerful advertising campaign
  • The ability of Facebook groups to build brand equity grows consistent, especially from a niche marketing perspective, so you can certainly leverage this opportunity.

As you can tell, Facebook has many lucrative opportunities if you’re willing to consider new areas for your marketing efforts. The great news is that while you do have other competing sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and recently Tiktok – users on Facebook are very engaged on the platform.

8. Mobile advertising revenue

At present, the mobile advertising revenue for Facebook is at 94%. Therefore only 6% of revenue comes from other advertising sectors of the platform. This is an impressive detail as it shows that the advertising platform is going strong and may even grow significantly over time.

Here is how this can help you:

  • Since you know that Facebook has a significant market share and 96% of the users are using mobile to access the platform, you can leverage the mobile channel effectively
  • When creating Ads, you can save costs by restricting your reach to just the App.
  • Doing the above will also get you more detailed data on your Facebook Pixel and a lot faster too.

If you are an excellent marketer who urgently needs to leverage powerful Facebook ad campaigns, you can have a lot more confidence in the buying ability of  your potential customers.

9.  Video content

Video content does exceptionally well on all social media platforms, and Facebook is no different. The idea of sharing a video will always attract more attention, and it’s much more entertaining than a regular Facebook post. Many users have seen content go viral when a video is included. Facebook shows clearly that close to 81% of business pages share video content.

This is why it’s quite helpful for your business:

  • You can use video to your advantage as it can help keep users on your page and craving to find out more about you and your brand.
  • It’s a great way to reel people onto your email list or to your website
  • You can build great and valuable customer relationships with your audience as they ask questions around the video, and you will be quick to share detailed feedback too.

Overall, we know that video content is more engaging, and the trend of businesses using video is a clear signal that your marketing efforts will be much better for it.

10. The active users on Facebook

When you think about active users on Facebook, you must consider that Facebook has billions of users currently, and it keeps on growing. The current state is 2.45 billion monthly active users. Yet, the fact that 1.62 billion visitors log into Facebook every day is quite significant. And these are people from all over the world. Comparatively, if you consider Instagram has around 500 million daily active users, while Twitter has 145 million active users. That’s a marked difference and a significant impact on your marketing campaigns when using Facebook. The fact that 1/7th of the world’s population is on Facebook should get you quite excited to share your content and create an impact.

Here are a few ways that you can tangibly use this detail:

  • You can find a wider audience globally for your current products or services by targeting other countries, which may be more cost-effective to advertise to.
  • Facebook groups have become a great way to build an audience around your products and services on Facebook.
  • Also, engagement campaigns can help you build authority for a new product range that you or your company has on the go

All in all, Facebook has a large group of people that are waiting to view your offerings, and they keep attracting more people to the platform. You can use this opportunity to build your brand, improve sales, or both.

11.  Consider users older than 65

According to Qz, the age group of 65 and older has risen quite significantly. This age group had a 14% jump year on year. The trends are indicating that more and more older people are looking for a sense of connection with their families, and have adopted Facebook to keep in touch. While there isn’t a great reason to stay updated on this stat. The fact that people over the age of 65 are reviewing Facebook gives you more of an audience for your marketing efforts. At this later stage in life, they are also entirely new to the internet world. They do pay attention to adverts meaning you may get more click throughs than you currently receive from Millenials and Gen Z.

12.  High-income earners are leading the pack

You probably know that LinkedIn has a large amount of higher earners; therefore, it may surprise you to learn that Facebook has almost 74% of its users indicated as top earners. It’s also interesting that it has more high earners than LinkedIn.

This is exceptionally vital, as your high ticket offers can be funneled to a large group of top earners ensuring you have more success. The added advantage is that you always have a broad group of people that can afford your offers.

13.  The average price for Facebook ads decreased.

With everything else going up, it’s quite surprising that Facebook ads saw a reduction. Therefore you can expect a decrease of 6% on your ad costs. And with many profitable brands spending upwards of $500,000 for advertising, it looks to be a significant savings factor which can be channeled into other areas of your business. Yet this, coupled with increased engagement on your adverts, means there is no better time than now to start learning the platform and creating ads for your services. A good rule of thumb to get this cost-saving is to leverage stories when advertising and also target other countries aside from the US.

14.  Users play videos with the sound off

I’m sure you would agree that having the sound play is the most distracting thing ever, and Facebook users are just the same as 85% of them prefer to watch the video without sound. That means it’s a good idea to caption your videos or to make them highly visual. A great rule of thumb for videos, in any case, is to always incorporate high-quality video with proper messaging. It will help your video stand out in the long run.

15.  Facebook users are more likely to watch live streams

This is an interesting stat as people are watching more videos, yet they are loving the Facebook live feature. You can peg it down to pure curiosity or a craving for connection. Whatever it might be, it is working brilliantly to attract and retain viewers on your videos. They are spending more time watching your live video according to recent Facebook research. You can leverage this by ensuring you set a date with your audience and providing them a sense of value, and eventually, you will build more and more robust relationships.

Final Thoughts on Facebook Stats

These are 15 of the essential Facebook stats that every marketer should read. It’s great to know the intricate details of Facebook, seeing as it’s the largest social media platforms at present.

You should always consider the demographics of the audience, including nationality and age, as these will help you make informed choices around your content strategy.

Always look to the trends to fuel your decision making and help you step up your game to move your business forward.

Did you find any of these stats helpful? If so, you will likely enjoy these Instagram marketer stats and YouTube statistics as well.

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