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15 Instagram Stats Every Marketer Should Know in 2020

It’s certainly been an exciting ride for Instagram as it evolved from a startup that attracted beautiful photography into a fully-fledged social media platform that could directly compete with Facebook.

Of course, you know by now that Facebook has since bought Instagram, and we’ve seen many changes. Many marketers like you use the platform on a daily basis to engage new customers, build relationships with old customers, and also to create a substantial brand equity now and in the future.

Instagram has a large user base, who are highly engaged on the platform; it’s the perfect place to spend time understanding your customers and how you can help them. Yet, you also don’t want to spend too much time on Instagram, so we’ve compiled a list of stats that will help you use Instagram most efficiently.

In this post, we’ll make you aware of the 14 most important Instagram stats that could move the needle for your business.

Instagram Hashtags Usage

Using hashtags have become a trend in its own right, and most users have learned the fine art of using hashtags to their benefit. The average amount of hashtags on an Instagram post is 10.7 hashtags. Although most users do misuse the hashtag feature if you can master proper hashtag research, you could gradually increase your impressions and the longevity of each post.

While Twitter uses hashtags minimally, Instagram allows users to add 30 hashtags per post.

Here are tips for using hashtags appropriately:

  • Even though the average hashtag usage is 10.7 per post, you should aim to choose the most appropriate hashtags to suit your brand. You should pick up to 30. These hashtags will give you maximum opportunity for exposure
  • When researching hashtags, make sure you review all hashtags related to your niche and review some of the posts within the hashtag, it will give you an idea of the type of content that is popular.
  • Overall, this research will help you model the best content and attract a large audience to your brands Instagram page.

Nowadays, hashtags have a more significant place on Instagram, yet you can make the best use of them by learning how to do proper hashtag research to gain more exposure.

Average time spent on Instagram

People spend an average of 28 minutes a day on Instagram, according to Emarketer. When you compare this time to Snapchat and Facebook, you can see that Instagram is in the middle. Yet 28 minutes is a considerable amount of time when considering that similar web notes that, on average, a user visits 11 pages on the site.

These are the reasons you should consider this stat:

  • The more time people spend on Instagram, the more opportunity there is for you to get your brand noticed.
  • You can do this using Instagram engagement campaigns which are not as effective as Facebook, but you can build up a solid following nonetheless
  • The best way to increase overall engagement towards your brand is to engage with the users on the platform. You can do this via direct message, commenting, or liking their posts.

Overall this strategy will capitalize on the time that users spend on the app, and they will notice your engagement and reciprocate.

Celebrities on Instagram

Instagram has a large following itself of 333 million, yet many celebrities use the platform and bring the audience along. The current top Instagram celebrities include Christiano Ronaldo (204 million), Ariana Grande (175 million), and The rock (172 million). Generally, the best accounts can influence trends which you can leverage.

Here is how this can help you:

  • As you know, celebrities fans are always quite passionate, and when you leverage a trend, you can often engage the fans associated with the celebrity.
  • Usually, celebrities don’t manage their own Instagram, and the agency does. Therefore you can model some good best practices from celebrity accounts.
  • The last part is that you can engage directly in the comments with the most passionate fans, and the chances of them engaging back will be high, especially if you have a celebrity fandom in common.

Yes, celebrities do often take the limelight, but they also bring huge followings and trends with them. Overall you can learn many things by modeling best practices.

Users on Instagram

According to Statista, Instagram has 1 billion active users. This stat is a significant number to be on, and it means that many users are actively engaged on the platform for a variety of reasons. It’s impressive considering that there are countless photo’s on the app that people share, and it draws so many curious users to the platform.

Here’s how you can use this data:

  • The app has grown 10-fold since 2013 and has consistently had 1 billion active users year on year which show the user base is consistent in their usage trends
  • Since you know most users go onto Instagram to see beautiful images, you can build your content strategy around eye-catching and informative content.
  • You can leverage the trends by accessing popular hashtags and users because the information is available freely on the app.

Naturally, Instagram has significant reach, and you should aim to leverage this reach as much as possible for your brand.

Business profiles are getting more visitors

Users are on the app to visit at least one business profile a day. And all 200 million users are actively seeking reputable businesses. This search means good news for brands that have an optimized Instagram profile.

Here’s what this means for you:

  • The main feature for users is to follow other brands that they like and appreciate. Therefore your profile must give off an air of authority.
  • This authority can easily be rectified by optimizing your profile using professional-looking images and creating content for your ideal customer.
  • Therefore, once you build a good Instagram profile, more users will come looking for you, find you and engage with you.

Having 200 million users access business profiles is an excellent statistic to consider in the future. You can certainly use it to build content that will increase your brand awareness. 

Instagram Sponsored Content

There are plenty of influencers using their large following to promote sponsored content from brands. There has been a 133 percent increase in the use of #ad year on year. Generally, this means that more and more brands are receiving a tremendous benefit from their influencer marketing campaigns.

Here is how this can help you:

  • Businesses are making $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing, and that means your business can do the same.
  • Influencers used to be underpriced, and that has since changed significantly, yet you can get a reasonable return on your investment if you do the necessary engagement and homework.
  • Alternatively, you could also leverage micro-influencers in your campaigns, which at times have more engagement than more significant influencers.

Influencer marketing is a field that has grown over time, and many businesses are leveraging this growth extensively, you can do the same.

Instagram Stories Usage

At present, 500 million Instagram accounts use Instagram stories every day. This feature was integrated and worked well, gaining immediate favor with Instagram users.

Here is how this can help you:

  • Brands that post rigorously daily receive more engagement and follow up questions from their audience
  • Usually, 2-3 posts should be sufficient to keep the engagement going
  • Questions can also go a long way to building a relationship with your audience. Often a simple question sticker on the app yields higher engagement

The story feature has been one of the better features that Instagram has released, and it created a new opportunity to engage with your audience in a meaningful way.

Instagram Engagement Matters

Over the last few years, the Instagram engagement overall has been on the rise. So much so there’s been a 29% increase in engagement for brands. Looking deeper into this data shows us that the engagement comes from your follower’s behavior. For example, it will mean how much they have engaged with your content over a specific time. The quality of engagement also plays a significant role.

Here is how this can help you:

  • Since your followers are actively engaging with your brand, ensure that you post purpose-driven content.
  • Always aim to give more value, and share information that will yield responses and answers
  • If you are going to ask a question, use it as an opportunity to learn more about your followers and remember to answer their comments too.

While Instagram engagement is slowly moving further away from likes and comments and more towards shares and saves – these measures are merely there to help Instagram provide the best experience to both brands and users of the platform. If you always post engaging content, you will be sure to increase your saves and shares on the platform.

Instagram has a unique audience

According to Statistica, 14 percent of active Instagram users are women between the ages of 18 and 24 years old.

How does this affect your companies brand?

  • You can determine if Instagram is the best use of time for your brand. For example, specific niche’s do well, such as beauty, fashion, photography, and food because they are visual by nature.
  • At the same time, you could also get in on the conversation and start engaging with your target audience to see if they would be interested in your products and services.
  • And along the way, you will find useful insights to improve your products and services. The excellent news about Instagram is that it’s a positive blend of creativity and the users are open about their likes and dislikes – you have to ask!

These are critical steps in building up a brand on Instagram, and it may take some time and a bit of patience, but once you do, you will start to see an uptick in engagement.

Instagram helps buyers make decisions

Did you know that the Instagram platform helped 80% of Instagrammers to make a purchase? This help goes hand in hand with influencer marketing, and when they see a product or service advertised, it gives them a push, they need to make that purchase officially.

Here is how this can help you:

  • If your business is targetting Millenials, Instagram is the perfect place to introduce an influencer campaign.
  • Millennials make vital decisions using the platform as well as their friends and family’s opinions.
  • And of course, influencers will send users to your offerings; you have to create robust offerings that will ensure they make that final purchase.

These ideas are simple at first glance but can make a world of difference to your brand.


As they say, with time, most platforms grow significantly. In the early stages of Instagram, the US made up the broadest market of Instagram. Yet over time, there has been significant growth with the US at 116 million, and following closely by India with 73 million and brazil with 72 million.

Here is how this can help you:

  • The international social media market is growing and creating a host of new customers. You could choose to see this as an opportunity to market to a new audience.
  • The Instagram targeting tools for ads also allow you to create awareness campaigns for these countries and offer a lower cost
  • The world is getting smaller as more and more people get connected to social media, and this can be beneficial in the long term.

Geography and location become less important, yet you should consider the perfect strategy for marketing to this new segment.

Taking a stand

It’s a fact that Millenials are passionate about world affairs like animal cruelty, climate change, and wildlife conservation. To name a few aspects, and this fits in nicely with the fact that consumers appreciate when brands take a firm stand on social issues and not sit behind the scenes.

So much so that 70% of consumers want brands to take a stand. Yet it can be risky for brands, but it could also have a massive payout along the way.

Here is how this can help you:

  • Ensure you always take an authentic stand and do believe in the cause.
  • Use your brand power to take a stand. Aim to help and improve the situation.
  • Know that when you do this sincerely, you are endearing consumers, and they. tend to purchase from brands who they know trust and care for them.

Taking a stand for important issues can have remarkable effects on your brand. You have to be timely and helpful to ensure you get the perfect moment.

Shopping and checking out

Interestingly enough, when a user sees a product or service on Instagram, they make an effort to search for that product on Google or Pinterest. And even better, 37% will go and visit that retail store, while 46% of people will make a purchase.

Instagram, in a sense, is a window of things to buy. Users see this regularly. Therefore if your business is using paid adverts, organic search, or influencer marketing, you can get the benefit of 46% of users purchasing your service or product after seeing your product in one of those mediums.

Preparing your campaigns with diligence can prove vital for your business.

Niche engagement rate

There are multiple niches on the go on Instagram, and each have their pros and cons. Yet a recent study indicates that ‘higher education’ had an engagement rate of 3.96%. This rate is significantly higher than the median of 1.6%.

Yet you can use this data to ensure that your niche is suitable and sustainable. Alternatively, you can also consider leveraging that niche to bring in more engagement to your brand. This task is not always easy at first, as you need to consider creative ways to leverage a niche that might be entirely different from yours. The good news is that you may find that you learn a lot along the way.

Final Thoughts on Instagram Stats

The reality is that Instagram is no longer the new kid on the block, and it has matured significantly, offering up bold opportunities for marketers to use the platform to build their brand.

Whether you consider engagement stats, daily active users, or influencer campaign impact, Instagram shows some real benefits in this arena.

We hope that this breakdown of the vital stats for marketers has provided you with a few thought-provoking ideas to improve your marketing strategy. If that was the case, we highly recommend you view our latest industry repots on YouTube video stats and Facebook numbers for 2020 and beyond.

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