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15 Twitter Stats Every Marketer Should Know in 2020

Many people speak about following an omnichannel approach to marketing. While that might be slightly confusing – it’s just a way to increase your exposure as a business or brand.

But how do you do that?

Well, Omni-channel is all about getting your brand on the top social media platform and leveraging their organic and paid ads reach.

The top social platforms you may have heard of are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. And today, you will get a deep insight into the stats impacting Twitter and how you can leverage your marketing efforts using the Twitter platform.

If you’re wondering – Twitter has an algorithm too, and if you’re willing to learn how the platform works, you could see massive gains as a marketer.

That said, let’s consider the essential Twitter stats you will need in 2020.

Let’s go ahead and start with the one you are most curious about.

1 – The twitter usage number is high

There are three hundred thirty million users on Twitter every month, with 145 million active daily users too. Interestingly enough, 40% of these users make use of Twitter regularly.

You can benefit from this by:

  • Learning how to use the Twitter platform for the best results for your marketing campaign.
  • The bulk of the users make use of Twitter to get in touch with current news in bite-sized portions as well, and you would need to figure out how to say more with less on Twitter.
  • And it’s quite instantaneous and useful for starting a conversation on topics relevant in your industry. You can use these trends discovered on other platforms.

Twitter has a broad user base, and this can be leveraged to bring exposure to your brand in a very strategic way.

2 – Twitter has a massive influence on what people buy.

40% of twitter users purchased a product or service after interacting with a brand or product on Twitter. This is quite powerful and can influence many buying trends on the platform significantly.

Social media continues to be a significant force that guides consumers’ decisions. If you can be a memorable brand with an exceptionally well thought out campaign, you can have a special place in your consumer’s minds on Twitter.

It’s really about thinking out of the box and finding out what’s on-trend on Twitter then using it intelligently in all of your campaigns. 

As a marketer, study brands influencing consumers at present and what are some of the actions they are taking to do this. You may want to consider how they are using influencers to start a conversation and how you can go about doing the same for your brand.

You may find influencers don’t work all that well for your brand and decide to opt for a different approach. It’s genuinely about getting into the detail of consumer needs and competitor campaigns.

3 – Average Time Spent on Twitter informs us that the average time spent on Twitter is a mere 3.39 minutes per session. Yet Tweets have a lifespan of 15 – 30 minutes in total, and generally, it’s a quick and secure platform to disperse current affairs on the news, and topics of importance to society.

Most big stories break on Twitter, and verified journalists make up a considerable proportion of Twitter accounts on the platform.

You can benefit from this by:

  1. Creating mini, short-form content in the form of Tweets that can be consumed easily by your potential customers.
  2. Use the best time and day statistics to post on Twitter for maximum benefit.
  3. Keep the conversation going on Twitter by providing short and witty responses on your ideal customer’s pages

Overall, this is a quick and bite-sized platform open to sharing newsworthy content all day. Use these characteristics to keep building branding and bringing more customers to your brand.

4 – A large number of Twitter app downloads tells a story

11.7 million people downloaded the Twitter app in 2019, and this number continues to increase over time. While the app is not in the league of the giants of social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok – it certainly has its fair share of information consumers.

The users themselves are sharing long scale article links and commentary on topics they deem valuable. They’re also starting conversations straight from their mobile devices as and where they are located.

Knowing that your potential customers are using the power of mobile, you will always have the latest stories available from all over the world and quickly pick up the trends you need to hop onto over time.

And while the app is not downloaded as many times as other apps, it may be that there is a different type of user that could be perfect for your marketing efforts.

5 – Twitter gained large scale popularity with B2B marketers.

Sixty-seven percent of all B2B businesses are using Twitter as a digital marketing tool, according to Statista.

This is truly a powerful stat that shows that other marketers are leveraging the platform well to market their products and services. And speaking to our previous sections on the users of the platform, the marketers are achieving great results overall.

Since social media is opening new gateways to connect directly with your customers, it’s undoubtedly the reason that B2B marketers are tapping into the potential of Twitter so extensively.

You can benefit from this by:

  • Creating a narrative around your brand on twitter and telling this story, to keep the conversation going on all platforms your customers may frequent.
  • You should not throw up ideas and content, and hope it sticks, use the vast array of data surrounding B2B to get into the hearts and minds of customers.
  • Keep engaging with other brands in your niche and create a good relationship as you ultimately serve your customer base.

Your customers will feel that your brand is both relatable and personable and remember you over time. This could mean they share the experience with friends, which only aims to grow your brand’s reach on the platform.

6 – An interesting finding on Tweet statistics

Five thousand seven hundred eighty-seven tweets are sent per second, and half a billion tweets are sent a day. If this does not shock and get you excited about the potential of Twitter as a marketing partner, then we’re not sure what will.

An excellent way to leverage the large volume of tweets on the platform is to understand your competition and customer well. While marketing can prove to be daunting on this platform, you have to simply get started to understand what works and what does not. 

Whenever you launch a new marketing plan, be alert and ready to hear how it fares as you get instantaneous feedback from the platform. It’s fast-paced, and that can be great for testing marketing strategies, especially if you are in a hurry to get your brand into the Twitter sphere.

Since you cannot be awake and monitoring the situation all day and night, remember that you should start scheduling your tweets and align them with when your customers are online.

The best tools available include Tailwind and Hootsuite that lets you do it very quickly while providing the data just as fast. Alternatively, Twitter also has an excellent scheduling platform that can be used for free.

7 – The age skew is interesting and Useful

60% of twitter users are aged between 35 and 65. Twitter appeals to a significantly different market than the likes of Instagram or Facebook. The age skew itself is on the higher side, where you will notice most are about 35 years old.

You can benefit from this by:

  • Understanding the demographics on Twitter is key to your marketing campaigns.
  • And the older market base will likely have the means to afford your products and services
  • You have a more mature market to sell high ticket items to.

This certainly gives you a good idea of the Twitter age groups and can truly take your marketing campaigns to new heights.

8 – Gender data can help inform your marketing decisions

Data Reportal indicates that 66 percent of Twitter users worldwide are male compared to a smaller fraction of 34 percent female users.

There could be a number of reasons for this age skew, and one of the major ones include that women may be prone to more connection-based platforms, while men are more attracted to the quick and easy way of communicating on social media.

While these are mere speculations, it’s essential to understand that this gender skew could be used for your business aims.

A business that has more of a female user base may need to scope out alternative social media platforms or dig into more analytics regarding the women on the platform. Also, do remember that women will be more prone to interact with brands on social media, and use this to your advantage.

9 – The overall uptake of Twitter in the US is essential to unpack

20% of internet users access Twitter every day in the US, and usually, this is their main outlet for current affairs. They prefer this over traditional news networks as well. 

Knowing that the majority of users hail from the United States means that you can set your sites on one group precisely and understand your customer base and what they need from your brand. 

Also interesting is that the top accounts at present are from the United States, such as Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, Ellen Degeneres, and Taylor swift. These are highly influential accounts that give rise to many stories on the platform and consequently, the trends.

Follow the top accounts and keep engaged around the current trends as much as possible so you can make use of them in your campaigns, which will be easier for your customers to relate to.

10 – Emoji use and which type is most popular on Twitter

The most popular emoji on twitter is the “Face with Tears of Joy”, and was used about 2 billion times at present.

Emojis are a great way to express all sorts of emotions and share in a feeling with people all over the world. It can often bring personality to any conversation, especially since we do not have facial expressions in tweets. 

Naturally, with this stat, you can see it is used, and it is used consistently by the users of twitter.

Often users add this to their tweets to show their enthusiasm for a tweet or to respond to something hilarious. Generally, users on the platform make use of more positive emoji’s, and the preference is to steer clear from the negative ones. Ultimately the users will perform retweets on emojis that are positive and cheerful.

Use this idea when sending out tweets or when engaging with users on the platform as a brand, and make sure you opt for positive emoji’s in your messaging over the more somber ones.

11 – Mobile Video views and the impact on Twitter

93% of video views on Twitter happen on mobile, and this shows a relatively high engagement as compared to other platforms.

Since Twitter allows for a small number of characters in a Tweet, you must set your mind to creating more engaging content. And of course, what better way to make use of this than video content.

You can benefit from this by:

  • Use software that can easily optimize videos for mobile
  • Include subtitles or captions so that users don’t need to have intrusive sounds disrupting them as they check the app
  • Create the best quality of video that is quick and grips the user from the beginning.

Overall, video is doing well on a host of social media platforms, and Twitter is no different. Become an early adopter of videos in your tweets and increase your overall engagement.

12 – Tweets with a video can increase your engagement overall.

Take note that Tweets with video get 10x the engagement when compared against regular tweets.

The visual medium, as mentioned, is more interactive, and all users are curious to want to check out the video, especially if it has been retweeted countless times.

You also want to ensure you are creating content with your end-user in mind, and you can mine information about your customers on the platform itself. As you know, Twitter does make use of hashtags, so go ahead and use these trending hashtags to understand the conversation.

Look at the top content, which has a large number of likes, retweets, and comments and model this type of material in your videos. Also, use essential language that your target audience makes use of in their tweets. You are ultimately aiming to speak their language, so they find our brand more relatable. 

Creating video content with relatable content is where you can hit your customers in the sweet spot and build your brand exposure through likes, comments, and retweets.

13 – Hashtag understanding is essential.

Interestingly enough, Tweets with hashtags get 100% more engagement than tweets without hashtags. Not only do tweets without hashtag look odd, but they can hide away your amazing content from users that want to see it. 

Yet to make use of this, you must follow the best practice as explained on twitter, and that is that you should use a maximum of two significant hashtags. The algorithm prefers when you do not use too many inappropriate hashtags and will be sure to get your account flagged for spam.

Twitter helps you find the best hashtags by giving your access to the top hashtags daily. Also, you could use the search tab to find out what’s trending at present for your niche. Overall the top players in your niche will be using the hashtags that your customers will search for, and you can benefit employing the same hashtags in your tweets,

Also, you can use the hashtags to find new customers and authentically engage with them, which helps to solve their problems. 

14 – Twitter users can spend a great deal on ads.

26% more funds are used on ads by twitter users. This is more than any other platform, as more and more users are quite comfortable to trust brands who advertise on the platform provided it is of high quality and makes it as easy to purchase as possible.

And added detail is that Twitter users often spend time looking at ads instead of quickly skipping them in favor of the free content. This is also the case because Twitter moderates ads more strictly for quality, and the price is slightly higher than other platforms. 

That’s probably the reason twitter calls itself the number one platform to get discovered on. This should be taken to heart, and you should aim to use the twitter ad platform if you have the budget to accommodate. 

15 – Companies in the US are extensively using Twitter.

65.8 percent of US companies with 100+ employees use Twitter for marketing. You can certainly tell that businesses have a strong foothold on twitter where consumers are quick to take to Twitter to praise a brand or complain about it.

You can look at this as a beneficial thing as your consumers are more than happy to sing your praises when you do well. Knowing this helps you build products that are helpful to your customer, but also you want to ensure our customer service is top-notch to field and questions or queries customers may have on the platform for your business.

A good point of call is to engage directly with your customers on the platform in the early stages of marketing campaigns before handing over your engagement to social media managers.

This may be time-consuming, but it gives you critical insights into the challenges faced by your customers and helps you improve their experience. Many companies in the US are using the platform in this way. And it helps to build the status and reputability of their brands. 

Final Thoughts on the Contuing Growth of Twitter

You’ve been fortunate in asking the right question about Twitter and getting details stats to help your marketing efforts on the platform.

The good news is that you are more proactive than about 70% of marketers who do not see Twitter as a platform to gain a foothold on.

Considering the diverse demographics – you can slide and dice your marketing campaigns using various data points to get the most exposure to your business or brand.

All in all, you’ve taken your knowledge of Twitter to a new height, and if you play your cards right and are patient about the results, you can build substantial brand equity on Twitter.

Soon you, too, will welcome more consumers to your products or services after leveraging the data available.

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