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15 YouTube Stats Every Marketer Should Know in 2020

YouTube has been around for so long that it’s probably one of your first memories of streaming videos online. And sure, there have been others like Vimeo, but YouTube has a significant market share and a loyal user base to boot.

It’s quite a secure platform to get accustomed to, so long as you follow the procedure, you can have a video uploaded in less than 10 minutes, and you can broadcast to the world. Perhaps you’re a singer, dancer, artist, or just a funny person; then you can certainly get an audience that will love your brand of humor. As a content creator, you get to control how much you create while building up an audience that will come to know and love you too.

And course many YouTube influencers like Jake Paul, Pewdiepie and even Will Smith have amassed huge followings over time. YouTube has content for people from all walks of life. All you have to do is search for your interests, and you will be shown at least one thing you will love. Be careful, though, as it can become highly addictive as creators find means to keep you glued to your screen.

That said, as a marketer, the opportunities are endless for you to leverage the platform in a meaningful way. It’s essential to look at some of the detailed stats that will provide clues to finding success on YouTube.

Therefore, these are the top 10 stats you should know in 2020.

YouTube has 2 billion logged-in monthly users

According to Statista, YouTube has 2 billion users worldwide who are logged in every month as of January 2020. It key to understand that the only bigger platform is in factbook with 2.4 billion users. This number could easily be more significant as it is impossible to count the users that were not logged in.

You can use this information because:

  • As a marketer, you can leverage the vast amount of users ready to receive content either in the form of organic content or ads.
  • Also, you can do ample market research on YouTube which is also a powerful search engine.
  • As an added item, many users do go live on YouTube to share their brand, and this brings in significant new audiences towards their marketing efforts.

Overall, YouTube is quite a big player in the social media space, and there is ample room for marketers to enter this platform to improve their reach.

American adults use YouTube extensively

73% of American adults are consistent users of YouTube. This is far greater than Facebook, with 69% and Instagram with 37%. According to Pew research, it is the most popular platform in the US amongst adults. It’s an impressive dynamic considering that most of the content is long-form, and one video can take you up to 10-15 minutes to watch.

You can use this information because:

  • You can see a trend that YouTube is keeping the attention of adults in the US, where other traditional media may not.
  • You can also use this data to market to the US population using either targeted ads or influencer marketing.
  • And most Americans say that they use the content on YouTube to stay informed and entertained. This can undoubtedly be used to create content about your brand that informs and entertains.

An interesting piece of data reveals that YouTube captures a large segment of the market in the US. Therefore, it could lead you to adapt your content strategy to cater for this market.

The age demographic is a significant factor on YouTube

That simply means that 81% of 15-25-year-olds in the US use YouTube, according to Statista. This is an interesting stat because you have a young majority audience, and advertising to this audience may not always be fruitful. You need to consider other avenues to utilize this data.

You can use this information because:

  • Generally, this age group will develop into buyers later in life. Perhaps creating content in anticipation may be worthwhile.
  • A useful tool is to create tutorials for this group around their interests and help them to solve a fundamental problem they face.
  • Alternatively, you could leverage this sector and use it to understand the trends. Once done, it will give you fresh insights into using YouTube for business.

Overall as YouTube gets popular, it does tend to attract a younger crowd who show a keen interest in watching games, which is steadily increasing in popularity day by day. It’s no cause for despair, feel free to engage and understand the underlying trends at work.

YouTube is the third most popular platform for marketers

Of course, when it comes to paid social, Facebook, and Instagram reign supreme. They are followed closely by YouTube. 48% of marketers invest in YouTube to get their products and services in front of the right people. And perhaps you are considering that YouTube marketing could be quite an expense.

Businesses on YouTube spend $0.10 to $0.30 per view or action in advertising costs. They also have a daily budget of up to $10.

This means that you may pay a higher rate for advertising on YouTube, but knowing that users are more engaged means you will get back that investment tenfold. This explains why the YouTube ad space is growing significantly for marketers.

Large amount of YouTube account holders

Currently, 79% of internet users say they have a YouTube account. That’s an interesting statistic as it’s quite simple for all users to get started making it one of the most hassle-free platforms. It’s no wonder users continue investing time on the platform.

You can use this information because:

  • The ease of use means more people join the platform daily, and this increases the overall YouTube consumer population. This means more people available to view your paid ads.
  • If there are more people, you can also start to find people who are attracted to your services and products and make more content related to their needs.
  • Seeing as YouTube is so easy to use, you can start becoming a content creator faster than expected.

All in all, YouTube does have a large number of account holders, while most of them may not log in every day, you do see the potential for a strong marketing campaign.

YouTube caters to a variety of languages

According to YouTube, you can navigate the platform in 80 different languages. This is an indication that YouTube is well aware of the broad reach it has globally and seeks to cater to this need. Yet, you, too, can take a leaf from YouTube’s book and use all of the resources available.

Reviewing the tools, you will find that YouTube offers you opportunities to include subtitles and translations for all your videos. In essence, if you’re willing to go the extra mile for your audience, you will find that you reach a more significant segment of the world’s population.

An action point from your end would be to consider the segments of your audience and the language they speak. You can then aim to update your content for these segments.

YouTube ad revenue has increased year on year.

In the US, YouTube released figures that they made $4.96 billion in net advertising revenue in 2019. Keep in mind that the forecast looks all set to reach a massive $5.47 billion by the end of 2020. This is a critical indicator that marketers are using the platform to get more attention for their business offerings. Naturally, they are using the opportunity to capture the market.

You can use this information because:

  • It can motivate you to know that other marketers are spending more in ad dollars because it’s a reasonable opportunity to target your ideal customers to make purchases.
  • Considering Ad revenue will continue to trend upwards, you can be proactive and plan for your marketing budget to accommodate the need to advertise.
  • You can also research competitors in your niche to understand the campaigns and find unique ways to model these campaigns for your niche.

YouTube use becomes a habit for users

It’s fascinating to find that one billion hours of videos get watched on YouTube every single day.

That show’s how powerful a medium YouTube is for viewers as well as the creators themselves. If they create exciting content, the audience will find them and watch that content. Yet users are not merely browsing aimlessly.

You can use this information because:

  • Users are consistently searching for tutorials for their challenges. Examples include playing guitar, learning how to code, playing a game online, or even studying.
  • Knowing this, you can use a tool like Keywords Anywhere to extract the search data and look at the type of content made for these search terms.
  • If the content is not adequate, you can set out to make a better resource and attract more viewers to your channel.

These practical tips can help you improve the lives of the users on YouTube while also bringing more brand awareness to your business.

Users primarily use their mobile device to access YouTube

You can expect to see that more than 70% of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices. This includes smartphones and tablets too. It’s an essential aspect as more people all over the world gain access to smartphones. There is also the fact that smartphones are always with you.

You can use this information because:

  • The trend of mobile use is always apparent on YouTube as it allows easier access for users.
  • It’s vital to keep in mind that all content should still be optimized for mobile devices to ensure the best user experience.
  • Since more brands are optimizing for mobile, you simply cannot afford to miss this step.

You can also review your users using YouTube stats. It will ensure you know the exact amount of mobile users watching your videos.

500 hours of video is uploaded

You can imagine that’s almost 30000 hours of new content every single hour. And the good news is that there are more than enough users available to watch the content. It’s interesting to note that a small number of channels produce the majority of content. A case in point is the large following that Jake Paul and Pewdiepie have on the platform. Also, many content creators aim to produce a video a day, which only adds to the influx.

You can use this information because:

  • The large scale of video production does not seem to be stopping, so the sooner you start creating content, the faster you can grow your audience.
  • While there is a lot of content produced, much of the material may not be of a high quality. You can also make high-quality content for your niche.
  • Since there is so much content available, there is inspiration all around to create better content that helps your audience.

Overall, the mass uploading of content is functional but always ensure that you upload quality content for the best results.

Final thoughts on YouTube Numbers

These interesting YouTube stats and facts show you how powerful the youtube platform can be for your business, including B2B and B2C marketers.

Many indicators show that the users on the platform are highly engaged and are repeat watchers on many genres, from music videos, tutorials to prank videos. Ideally, people want to laugh, be entertained, or they want to learn something. Therefore, if you have a powerful message to share, YouTube can get you in touch with a variety of consumers from all age groups.

While Google offers you many opportunities to optimize your content for search, YouTube is another excellent tool to draw traffic to your products and services.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post on ten YouTube stats every marketer should know in 2020. If you do, feel free to check out these additional reports on  Instagram stats and Facebook marketing stats as well.

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