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Backlink Quality: Learning The Fundamentals

Achieving top ranking on search engines is mandatory if you want your website to be visible to potential customers.

When it comes to reaching there, you need to follow through a number of ranking factors. Backlinks are one of the important ranking factors that decide how quickly you reach up there and whether you will be able to sustain that position.

However, building backlinks is just half the work done because their quality matters more than the numbers.

What Google looks for is a diverse link profile with a mix of backlinks, mostly the ones of high quality.

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The biggest mistake that you can make is to keep building them randomly without paying attention to the quality. You need to understand that high-quality link building is essential for getting quick and sustainable results. Chasing low-quality backlinks may be tempting because you can probably build hundreds of them with minimal efforts. However, only a few that are of good quality can get you an impact that huge numbers cannot. Let us explain why backlink quality matters the most and why you should only stick to ones which excel on this front.

Factors that determine high-quality links

Even before you try to understand the significance of backlink quality, you need to know the factors that determine it in the first place. Here are the three key factors that you should be aware of:

Authority of the linking site: A specific backlink will deliver value only if the linking website is authoritative. A site’s authority is measured via metrics such as domain authority (DA) and domain rating (DR). Higher values obviously mean that the site has good authority on Google and its benefits will be passed over to your site once you link with it.

Authority of the linking page: In addition to the authority of the website you link with, the authority of the page matters as well. Referred to as PageRank, this authority indicates how valuable Google considers the page you are linking with. Just like site authority metrics, this one too serves value to your site on linking. Additionally, linking with authoritative sources offers exposure to a massive number of consumers who already trust these sources as domain experts.

Content relevance: Perhaps the most critical element that determines the quality of a backlink is content relevance. Even high domain authority and page rank will not fetch you any benefits if the content is irrelevant. The idea is to link with a page or site that relates to the same niche as yours. For example, if you sell beauty products, the best sites to link with are from the same domain. You will not get any benefits by getting a backlink from a real estate website.

How to receive high-quality backlinks?

Building quality backlinks is easier said than done because a lot of effort goes into the process. If you are serious about getting them, a strategic approach is needed. Here are some steps that you can follow for this purpose:

Publish content strategically: The essence of quality link building lies in great content. While you need to create content that is informative and matches the user intent, publishing and promoting it across the right platforms is equally important. The best way to do this is by investing in guest blogging on niche-authoritative sites. Further, create engaging and diverse pieces such as list posts, how-to guides, infographics, etc.

Use email outreach: Another useful tip to win the backlink game is by leveraging email outreach to connect with niche experts. You can personalize your emails and request them to publish your content as guest posts and provide a backlink as well. Further, you can use email outreach for link reclamation and broken link building.

Be active in online communities: Being active in online communities is another smart way to get quality backlinks. Just create a profile on such communities and you will have a link that adds immense value to your profile. But remember that these communities should be niche-relevant.

In addition to these tactics, you have to use the conventional strategies smartly to get quality links that strengthen your profile and benefit your ranking in the long run.

How to check the backlink quality?

Link building is not a do-and-forget task. While you need to continue acquiring good ones over time, keeping an eye on your profile is equally important. Since you will probably have hundreds and thousands of them, checking each one manually is not possible. Rather, there are some tools you can rely on for segregating links on the basis of their quality. The article “The 16 Best Backlink Checkers – Free and Paid SEO Backlink Tools” from SEO Jet explains the importance of looking at existing backlinks to your website in order to know which backlinks are still needed to increase your Google rankings. And you need to declutter once a while as well because bad ones may actually hamper your ranking subsequently. So it would be better to disavow the low-quality ones sooner rather than later.

Why do high-quality backlinks matter for SEO?

As a part of its algorithmic updates, Google has significantly reduced the significance of total backlink count today. This has been done to discourage the black-hat practices such as buying backlinks or creating multiple domains only for the purpose of link generation. Links are a key trust factor and that is what Google wants them to be. This is the very reason why it prioritizes their quality when it comes to allocating search rankings to the websites. The ones that come from reputed websites from the same core area get you full marks and take your backlink profile a notch higher.

Even though link building sounds like a tough task, these secrets about quality can definitely make it easier. Once you master this art, you will probably be able to achieve more with less work. Obviously, building a few high-quality backlinks is a better approach as compared to toiling hard to add hundreds to your profile. So why not do some smart work rather than lots of hard work!

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