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Blogging: A Team Sport

Phew! Guys….lemme share a story that is all too common with struggling bloggers. I lived it, on and off. Finally learned my lesson though. Blogging feels so much better now. Life feels so good too. Do you want a bigger taste of that fun, freeing feeling? Cool. Let’s dive in….

Moons ago, my blogging sweetlings, I was a horrible, terrible, despicable victim. Why? I clung to a victim mentality. I struggled with blogging and life because circumstances bullied me, overcame me and slapped me down. One chief cause of my victim mentality was my idea that NOBODY ever had to go through what I went through, struggles-wise and obstacles-wise. Ouch. I was deluded. I see that now. But back then, I was blind to the simple fact that millions of successful people had to experience my fear, pain and struggle, before succeeding, as I was experiencing at the time. Reality check. The moment I slowly but surely made this realization, I relaxed, learned from happy, pro bloggers and all began growing with my blog.

Do you believe you are the first person to experience difficult scenarios? You are not. Stop clinging to this idea because doing so only gives obstacles even more power over you. Get over yourself, guys. Life feels better and you feel more empowered the split second you realize all those happy, successful people you envy had to explore similar, or often, far deeper, more powerful, fears and pains, to become successful. Millions of successful entrepreneurs before you had to feel the fear and feel the suffering you may be feeling now. I have so much compassion for you, that I tell you this truth. People went through it, grew, learned, succeeded and became happy, and you will do the same. I believe in you! Imagine, for a moment, how good it would feel to be helping people through your thriving blogging business. This is the starting point. This is when everything begins to pop, to move, to turn, slowly, but steadily.

Change Your Dominant Emotion

Change your domain emotion from inward-thinking fear to outward-thinking love. I swear; you feel better immediately, but on a deeper level, you simply let go the story that you are suffering unlike any human being who has ever suffered. Guess what? Every happy, successful blogger and entrepreneur had to suffer like you suffered, or even, go through more intense emotions, to let go the story that no on else suffered like them, so, they could get busy helping people generously and succeeding. I suggest meditating and doing Kriya yoga for changing your dominant emotion.

Blogging Upside

What is the blogging upside to all this emotional healing? Well guys…it’s pretty sweet…but a bit sour at first. OK, first, you genuinely face, feel and release deep fears, which feels kinda crumby. But sunlight awaits. Slowly, steadily and surely, you begin to feel better knowing that other people went through these fears and suffering, and not only succeeded, but became happy. Faith! Hope! Possibility! If they did it, you can do. So, feeling much better, you begin doing what happy, successful bloggers advise you to do; generously help people, trust in yourself and trust in the blogging process. Warning; you may be up until 2 AM sometimes, having fun getting lost in helping people. Your life will change. Traffic and profits will begin to flow to your blog too, as extras, bonuses, cherries on top.

Success finds you when you spend most of your day helping people become more successful, through your blog, through guest posting and by promoting other bloggers. That huge turning point is owning the fact that you are not the only person ever who suffered as terribly as you’re suffering; millions of current day happy people have walked a similar or more intense path, and became happy, successful, and calm, confident, and prospering. Now it’s your turn. Hug your fears, feel your fears and begin feeling better. Feeling better opens the doors to all types of blogging possibilities. From there, you are golden.


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