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Be Open

The message makes you feel good, right? Feeling good accelerates your blogging success, right? Of course it does. We live in a universe of energy, of feeling. Feeling good tunes you in to good feeling results. But feeling bad because you rigidly close yourself off to the world creates bad-feeling results. Everything just mirrors your predominant energy or intent back to you. I opened up a few months back; lowered pricing for some service I offered, for a potential client. The order just came through. I felt good about receiving money and rendering useful service. Good-feeling vibes accelerate my success. I feel even more open now after observing yet again how being open prospers you.

Rules? Stick to a few but make rules subject to change. Be reasonable but open and flexible. Imagine if someone wanted to pay only $5 for your $1000 coaching services. Would you be open and allow them to pay $5? Or would you only accept $1000? 100% of the time, your intent and its adjoining feeling determines if you should be open and accept 5 bucks or if you should stick to 1000 bucks. In most cases, the person asking vibes a deep, fear-filled, poverty conscious vibe. Does it feel good to say “yes” to fear and poverty? No, it does not. Stick to your rules on this one. Charge 1000 bucks and move on.

But if shaving off a few bucks to feel really good about: receiving money, working with a fun client and feeling good about the process….allows these experiences to unfold, drop your price a little bit, have fun, feel good helping someone and make money. Meanwhile, unhappy, stubborn, rigid bloggers who never drop their prices under any circumstances miss out on being happy, working with a cool client and making more money. Being rigid and stiff from energies of fear and closed-mindedness leads to struggle and depression because you close yourself off from abundance, off from the world, off from humanity. Being open helps you have fun, feel good, help people and make a ton more money, and drive a ton more traffic, in the process. What seems like it’ll make ya feeling amazing? Being open, of course!

Say “yes” to more and “no” to less. Of course you cannot agree to doing everything or even close to everything. We need discernment in order to stay the course, to find and maintain clarity and to follow our most fun, freeing path. But do things a different way if it feels scary but like it’d be fun and freeing to do things differently. Feels good to do things differently sometimes, right? This is being open. This is agreeing to a concept, or, with a person, or, with a strategy, co-creating your growth, fun and freedom, with you. Nobody grows fast being rigid, firm and fixed inside their comfort zone. All lasting blogging growth occurs well outside of your comfort zone, and being flexible makes you stretch just a little bit more, outside of your comfort zone.

I know you are down with being flexible, blogging-wise. Increased traffic and profits await but you need to commit 100% to being flexible, open and willing to do fun, freeing, but sometimes scary things, to move in a more successful direction. Surround yourself with flexible, open, free-flowing people, too. Learn from their example. Observe how being flexible improved their lives. Be with their open energy. Feel amazing by hanging with open, flexible folks who accelerate your blogging success.


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