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Blogging Shortcuts Lead to Long Headaches

Bloggers often bemoan the fact that they have not a fancy home office to become successful. Folks believe you need the latest and greatest tech and complete comfort in a plush, expensive chair, in order to drive blog traffic and to make money blogging too. Do you? Do bloggers require professional home office set ups to become wildly successful? Absolutely not. How you work means everything. Where you work means little.

I will give you an example……

In 2014, I lived in Savusavu, Fiji for 4 months. Pure paradise, inspiration seemed not to be a problem for me. But the actual home office set up left much to be desired. I sat on a hard chair in front of a tiny, old school desk. The house seemed super dated, too, as is the custom for most homes in Savusavu. This is remote Fiji, not Fifth Avenue in NYC. Anyway, I had a bare bones, borderline Spartan home office set up to work with and I still wrote this blog commenting eBook along with doing a bunch of work during those 4 months, helping my freelance writing clients. Success is in mind. Success is how you work, not where you work.  Success is a thought or idea, charged with generous energies. Holding that idea in mind does not depend on renting office space or tricking out your home office set up to epic levels because what is in mind, is in mind, independent of where you work, or, your home office setting.

The Only Exception

I advise not working in terribly Spartan, dirty, disorderly operations because genuinely rough, inhospitable surroundings make it virtually impossible to succeed blogging-wise. I spent 6 weeks in a remote jungle setting in 2016 in Costa Rica. I barely worked because the house was basic, fitting for surviving and avoiding the weather elements and nothing more. No one succeeds in such a brutal blogging setting because finding basic comfort for an improved focus proves to be impossible for all but the most enlightened.  Find a simple level of comfort to concentrate, but from there, never make an excuse that you cannot succeed online because you have not some spectacular home office setting.

I have worked on beds, chairs and even on the floor temporarily in less inviting environments. I did fine. Sure you want a basic level of comfort but beyond that, a chair, laptop, internet connection and phone seem to do the trick just fine, thank you. The real test is holding concepts of being generous, patient, persistent and trusting in virtually any environment. Few entrepreneurs do this regularly which is why few bloggers succeed. How you work means everything. Where you work means little.  Whether you craft a blogging course on your couch or behind a desk matters not for the students. Your job is to keep helping people freely, trusting in yourself and trusting in the process.

Be comfortable. Never punish yourself by being cheap or stingy. Invest money in some comfort. But at the end of the day, a chair, a laptop, a phone and internet connection seem to be all you need to succeed online, and nothing more.

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