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Can You Commit 100% to Blogging?

Do you see yourself slugging it out in the cyber sewer? Clinging to a poor blogging self-image precedes your failure. I do not care how long, hard, or intelligently you work. Even if you do the right, proven things to succeed, nobody succeeds by believing they do not deserve success. Low self-image bloggers believe they do not deserve to succeed because of worthiness issues. Said crowd sees themselves about 10 levels down from top bloggers. How can you become a top blogger if everybody you need to work with seems unattainable, unreachable, and flat out, 10 levels up from you?

Imagine reaching out to a high level blogger in your niche to work with them. Why would any successful blogger work with you if you feel unworthy to work with them? I work with calm, confident people and I do not work with frenzied, panicked, not confident people. How can we succeed if one or both parties injects fear and self-doubt into all we do? No one outruns their blogging self-image because how you see yourself determines your blogging results. Work 14 hours daily doing intelligent, effective, business-building things from a generous energy, and if you hold a low image of self, you will experience results aligned with the low image of self. Do not even think of this as self-sabotage; you are darn aware of seeing yourself in a crappy, self-loathing, light… most cases, at least.

Meanwhile, alleged mediocre bloggers make big bucks and see success expanding by the week, confounding you. Why? Why do you work hard, intelligently and generously, only to struggle, while average, ho hum bloggers succeed and live their dreams? That mediocre blogger you envy built up a healthy, successful, calm and confident image of self. Naturally, honoring the mirror effect of their energy, any person with a healthy, calm, confident self image experiences increasing success, because as within, so without. I recall being jealous of successful bloggers as a newbie blogger some 10 years ago. Most seemed to publish average-looking content. Nobody blew my doors off. But my self-image sat in a cesspool of a sewer, and they saw themselves in a calm, confident light. Guess who succeeds? Calm, confident bloggers who blog generously, trusting self and trusting in the blogging process.

Believe in yourself, or nobody else will believe in you. Know that success is yours, now. Seize this truth. Own this knowing. Proceed with a calm, confident energy in all you do. Keep being generous. Keep helping people. Do not down yourself or run yourself into the ground. Minus some fun self-deprecating laughs, being humble, believe 100% in yourself until you develop a sense of calm, unflappable, peaceful confidence. Most bloggers actually put in sufficient work to see at least scant success but cling to a terrible self-image. Change that. Work on the self-image first. Then you can spend time and energy learning blogging and generously helping people. Do the inner work to see the outer success.

Seeing yourself in a positive, empowered light feels SOOOO good. Forget about blogging success. Just feel better, most of the time, because holding a powerful, peace-filled image of self improves your life across the board. Guaranteed. From a guy who had to do some inner work to see myself in a rocking light 🙂


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