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Rewind this new blogger conversation in mind. You know how it goes….

“OK, I bought my domain and hosting. I wrote and published 10 posts. But I only get 2 visitors daily. What am I doing wrong? How do I get blog traffic?”

I easily see what you do wrong and how to get blog traffic, you budding new blogger, you. What’s wrong? You have no blogging community. Build a community. Increase your blog traffic. Simple. But for new bloggers, it does not seem simple because you have no idea how to build a blogging community. Embody two words: generosity and social.


Right now, if you find yourself in the same situation as the new blogger above, you choose to be stingy. People appreciate you publishing 10 posts to your blog if the people actually found your blog. Imagine owning a new blog. Nobody knows who you are. Nobody knows you run a blog. How does writing and publishing posts to your blog alert people? The split second you publish a post, it goes nowhere, because you have no connections, you have no presence, you no nobody, and nobody can find you, let alone, trust you. But generously commenting on blogs, mentioning bloggers on your blog and retweeting blogger’s posts immediately expands your presence. Your generosity allows people to find you, befriend you and maybe, mention you on their blogs and through social media. Now you’re cooking. Now you’re building a blog community. Now people visit your blog daily, or even weekly. Now those 2 daily visitors slowly creep up to 5 visitors, to 10 visitors, to 20 visitors and up.

Help bloggers for free. Ask for nothing. Expect nothing. Some bloggers befriend you, growing your blogging community, one blogging buddy at a time. Folajomi Ballo embodies this mindset perfectly at Hugestepup. Follow his Twitter feed to see what I mean.


Being social makes it actually easy to build a community because chatty bloggers befriend bloggers quickly. Bloggers with large, loyal blogging buddy networks grow large, loyal blogging communities. The process seems simple, and it is. Talk to people via blog comments, Twitter, Facebook and on niche specific forums. Be social. Respond to people who retweet your blog posts. Thank generous readers. Be patient and persistent. Message people on Twitter and Facebook, chatting folks up. Respond to comments on Facebook. Being social is a simple, easy way to grow your community but being patient and persistent and trusting in the process is key. Keep at it. Relax. Allow your blogger buddy network to grow freely, fueling your community growth.

Good things take time and generous effort. Following these two steps for hundreds of hours allow your blog community to grow slowly and steadily. Never panic and bail if 3 months in to generously being social, your community has not grown much. Relax. Calm down. See the journey through. Eventually, the tide turns a little bit, then more, then in a big, major league way. Bloggers build large, loyal, impressive tribes over years because it takes time, generosity and being social to befriend human beings. See the journey through.


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