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Customer Service Jobs From Home (6 Companies Hiring)

Today’s post focuses specifically on customer service jobs from home that are open right now. There are always plenty of jobs in this niche that are hiring at any given time, and we have quite a few readers with at least some degree of past experience that could help them get hired for a customer-oriented position.

All the companies in the list below were actively hiring customer service reps at the time of this writing, but don’t be surprised if some of the positions get filled quickly.

There are a lot of remote customer support workers out there, and these jobs tend to attract a flood of applications. Even so, when this post eventually becomes dated, don’t hesitate to give these jobs a look.

Many customer service companies have enough turnover that they need to hire new workers quite often, so some of these positions might stay open indefinitely.

Good luck if you apply for anything!

Customer Service Jobs From Home

1. Sitel – Call Center Associate

Sitel contracts out call center agents to quite a few different companies in various fields. To get hired you’ll need past experience in customer service and sales, along with a fast Windows-based PC and a good internet connection. The pay is in the neighborhood of $10 per hour.

Go here to apply at Sitel, or check out our full review of Sitel.

2. Gametime – Happiness Associate

This appears to be a fairly standard customer support job. The company sells tickets, mostly for music and sports events, all over the United States, and they have a popular dedicated mobile app. Applicants with either past customer service experience or Spanish language skills will get special consideration. The pay is $15 per hour, and they have a benefits package that includes health insurance.

Go here to apply at Gametime.

3. Invitae – Client Service Specialist

This company works with healthcare providers to offer genetic testing services for patients. The job involves helping the company’s clients resolve billing problems and things of that nature. The requirements are fairly steep, including two years of prior customer service experience, and the ability to speak multiple languages fluently. According to the best information I could find, the pay is around $17 per hour.

Go here to apply at Invitae.

4. Cambium Learning – Customer Services Representative

From what I can gather, this company creates educational software products used in schools. If hired, you’ll be providing support for their software via, phone, chat, email, and social media. Two years of customer service experience is required, and the pay is approximately $16 per hour.

Go here to apply at Cambium Learning.

5. Alcara – Customer Service Representative

Alcara is a tech firm that creates integrated software for managing big utility companies. From reading through the information about the job, it sounds like you’ll be dealing directly with the customers of various utility companies that utilize Alacara’s software solutions – people having problems with their electric meters and things of that nature. Three years of customer service experience, and previous call center experience are required. The pay is apparently in the range of $40k per year

Go here to apply at Aclara.

6. Magoosh – Sales Support Specialist

This firm sells educational materials to help students prepare for big tests like the SAT. If hired, you’ll be interfacing with various high schools that use their test-prep tools, and it sounds like there will be a significant amount of sales work mixed in with the customer service duties. To be considered, you need one year of prior sales experience, and the pay starts at a little over $20 per hour.

Go here to apply at Magoosh.

We hope the above list was helpful in your current job search for work at home customer service jobs.

If you’ve ever worked for any of these companies, and would like to voice your opinions about the experience, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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