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DesignCap – How to Create Visual Infographics for Your Blog

Do you want to create better Infographics for your blog posts? Infographics are a simple yet engaging way to turn your ideas into a highly visual and easily understandable visual content. These images not only make your blogs come to life, but they can also help you boost your website’s Google rankings. However, most bloggers are not painters to create professional images for their blogs. In the following, I will talk about how to use DesignCap to master better infographics for your blog posts without requiring any special design skills.

Overview of DesignCap Tool

DesignCap Infographic Maker is a free design tool with a simple operation without the need for design skills like specialized design software. It has a massive repository of images as well as free graphic templates that you can freely customize. You can also download your designs in many file formats like PDF, PNG, JPG, and PPTX (this is just for presentation). DesignCap also has a variety of pre-built infographic templates, presenting a variety of information and topics.

Create an infographic using DesignCap tool

It’s not a must to sign up for a DesignCap account. To access its cloud features, you’d better register one. DesignCap allows you to register by email or login in with Google account or Facebook account. After you have successfully logged in, now is the time to learn how to design infographics on DesignCap.

Choose a design style for infographic

After logging into the editor, choose a size for your design. You can choose Custom Size or choose from one of the available templates. We especially like DesignCap’s pre-made templates, which have lots of room to build designs in different creative ways. The variety of infographic templates, covering many various topics, help you fully manipulate your creation in just a few minutes. And its company always updates its templates regularly. As you can see in DesignCap’s Template section, they updated a library of new templates for preventing coronavirus recently.       

Editing anything on the template

It’s time to edit the template and make it unique. You can find all of DesignCap’s editing tools available on the left canvas. Let’s check the details.


Adding other graphic items to the design is easy with DesignCap. We know that infographics are handy because they use vivid and interesting images to convey important information. Please select images that relate to the information you want to convey. DesignCap has millions of icons and shapes to help you find graphic elements related to infographic themes. You can also use a specific keyword and search for a target icon quickly.

Add photos

You can upload images you want to use for infographics easily. After being uploaded will appear in the Upload tab, and you need to click to apply. Alternatively, DesignCap allows you to find an image from its online stock photos of millions of resources.  

When the images are added to your design, you are free to adjust its layers. It can be beneficial when you are trying to put your company logo on the creation. And it’s flexible in applying photo filters, adjust the effects, change the size color, etc. 


To insert a chart into Infographic, click on “Chart” and select the type of chart you want to add. We just need to enter the required content in this interface to display the chart. You do not need to draw the chart yourself.

DesignCap gives you the options to enter the data, either type them manually or import them from XLS, XLSX, and CSV. After filling in the information, click Insert to put the chart into the design.

Text and Modules

Creating text on DesignCap can be done in many ways. You can use the preset text styles and place text boxes wherever you need to. For the second option, drag your text box onto the slide, placing it where you want it. Check the box, and a text editing bar will appear. Here you can change the font, size, and color of the text. 

To get your image and text a quick arrangement in the canvas, use module features. Here you can choose a preset style and change the color, text, position to make it customized. 


Clicking on the “background” icon in the left bar, you can select and change the appropriate background. DesignCap offers a large number of image patterns that you can use to set your design background. You can also simply use a solid color or gradient color for the design. You can also use your photo to the background, adjusting the opacity to the best suit.   

Share with the whole world

When you’re ready with your work, press the “Download” or “Share” button located in the top right corner of the page. Then you can save it as image format to the desired folder or share it anywhere. 


Eye-catching infographics are essential to improve your website and blog content. Content creators are constantly innovating themselves and learning new tools to keep up with trends. 

DesignCap provides many options for creating beautiful infographics, as well as other image editing tools. This user-friendly platform is very effective when we want to search for topics for infographics or other blog post graphics. DesignCap saves time and allows you to create attractive, professional-looking graphics on demand. 

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