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Every Blogger Walks a Different Path

A few days ago I enjoyed my birthday. Although specific days seem not too big of a deal to me – I do my best to live in the moment – it feels good to celebrate one more year on planet earth. Birthdays genuinely seem to be all about the person celebrating the birthday. 99% of my friends and connections wished me well and told me to enjoy the day, which I appreciated. But a handful of folks – after wishing me well – either told me to do stuff for them or asked me if I could do them favors. I appreciated these interactions too because each offered me this blog post idea 🙂

One blogger told me to promote his FB Page and blog through my social media. Other bloggers asked other favors. Thinking inward, about yourself and your needs, kills your blogging campaign because all money, traffic and business you want flows from generously thinking of and helping other bloggers. How do you make money blogging? Think about other people, identify their problems, solve their problems through free and premium content, and as your skills, exposure and credibility increases, traffic and money flows your way. But if you think mainly about your needs – needing money, needing business, needing traffic – you instantly cut off the sources of your wealth (being generous, thinking about other people, serving other people).


Bloggers stuck on themselves basically transmit these thoughts and feelings to the Universe:“ME, ME, ME, ME, HELP ME, I NEED YOUR HELP, ME, ME, ME, ME.”

I have compassion for ME-FOCUSED bloggers because fear drives these people to think inward about themselves and their needs versus thinking outward about others. Since I have compassion for them, I no longer feel annoyed or agitated by their apparent selfishness but I do ignore their inward-focused desires because struggling bloggers need to learn that success is in service, not self-service. Successful bloggers generally and genuinely think about helping people and follow through with generous help. Increased skills, exposure and credibility boost traffic and profits but only because the bloggers thought about others primarily, not about themselves. Me-itis kills blogging careers because all blogging success is in other people’s problems, dreams and hopes. The money is in your mind as a generous service idea, then, the money flows from other human beings to you when you help people freely for hours every day.

No blogger succeeds by focusing on themselves and their needs because success is in serving others, not in trying to survive by thinking only about yourself. Imagine wishing someone a happy birthday and being so self-absorbed that you demand the birthday boy or birthday girl helps you? Do you see how fear, desperation and greed deludes you into being so selfish and self-centered that you cut yourself off from the world and from becoming a successful blogger?

Face your fears. Feel your fears. Clearing fears moves your focus from self toward others. Feeling grateful, abundant and loving simply goads you to help other bloggers and readers freely. Gone are your failing, inward-focused ways, being replaced with outward-focused, generous service. Now you’re on to something! Do you want to become an influential blogger? First, buy my eBook. Then, read it. Then, become a generous servant. All success is in generous service. All success is in thinking outward about other people and how you can help them. Being of service challenges you to be altruistic, a bit more, and to think less and less of your pressing needs. Helping people generously allows all of your needs to slowly and surely be met. Do you require money for your blogging business? Help a ton of fellow bloggers freely, make friends and observe how your blogging buddies gradually boost your traffic and profits.

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