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My friend Sue-Ann Bubacz of Write Mix for Business and I released a fun, freeing, inspired course designed to help you live your dreams. Releasing this feels so good. I even felt a surge of excitement on sharing the course link for the first few times. Woohoo! But after the initial excited surge, I recall the Zen wisdom of, “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.”

Think of it this way guys; blogging success is doing simple, basic things from a generous energy for thousands of hours, to 10,000 plus hours. Nothing changes. Sure we feel excited and grateful after a course release, an eBook sale or after landing a client. Awesome. But after the initial emotional surge, appreciating your blogging success, you keep being even more successful by getting right back to the basics. Sounds relaxing in a way, right? Versus running around wildly, being attached to blogging outcomes, clinging to worldly success, you just keep doing simple, relaxing, fun things to keep expanding your success.  For me, this means publishing 10 blog posts today between blog posts on Blogging From Paradise and guest posts on various blogging tips blogs. Easy peasy. Simple, too. I promote courses, my eBooks, and other stuff while helping you guys with valuable content. Nothing fancy, but nothing fancy predicates my blogging success. Feels that way for all pro bloggers.

Get right back to doing simple, fun, freeing, basic things after a big surge of success and success-inducing emotions. You know how freeing and amazing and inspired it feels to make money online through your blog? Awesome, right? Well, feel those emotions for like 10 or 20 seconds. Or perhaps for 1 minute. Maybe 5 minutes. Bask. Rest in these energies. Great. Then, get right back to creating helpful content and building connections with top bloggers in your niche, because creating content and befriending top bloggers boosts your blog traffic and blogging profits. Simple actions lead to traffic. Simple actions lead to profits. Do you see why I spend so much time meditating, doing yoga and exercising daily? I spend ample time stabilizing my energy to be grounded, relaxed, calm and confident amid excitement storms that derail less poised, calm, balanced bloggers. I get how it feels good to experience sweet blogging success but does feeling a surge of wild excitement and clinging to that surge for hours genuinely feel awesome? Nope. Not really. Why? Clinging to wild excitement is attachment, holding that frenzied energy creates a peak, and after a sustained, enhanced peak, you crash and get depressed, feeling down.

Learn from the meditation masters and Blogging Buddhas of the world ;)…..celebrate your success. For a lil bit. Then, swiftly and calmly, get back to the blogging basics. Help people. Make friends. Promote yourself. Every blog visitor and every cent you make blogging is borne of simple actions like creating content and making friends. Plus it actually feels more calming, relaxing and chill, to create simple content, right guys? Guess what happens? Chill, relaxed, generous, poised folks experience ever-increasing success because they keep going when everybody else gets attached to worldly success, being awash in celebration, and outcomes, for way too long. Sue-Ann and I just keep following the fundamentals, sticking to the basics to keep going, to keep growing and to keep succeeding.


After you sign up for the course above, make sure to buy this eBook to think, feel and act like a successful blogger. Pros think, feel and act like pros well before becoming pros.

Share this blog post with your friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook, guys. Let’s spread the word to empower more bloggers to enjoy success and then to get right back to the basics, so we can all taste ever-expanding freedom through successful blogging. Thanks all 🙂

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