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Successful bloggers emanate all qualities in ample supply. Rocking pros feel passionate about blogging. Passion fuels you for a long, winding blogging journey. No blogger succeeds by lacking passion. You need to LOVE this gig so much that you keep blogging through thick, thin and everything in between. Successful bloggers love their gig mightily. Pros know the love pulls you through the blogging doldrums; dead periods of time where nothing seems to be growing. Passion nudges you through big blogging obstacles and other fears crippling most bloggers. Love your gig. Allow the passion to guide you through your blogging career. Passion energizes you, sustains you and inspires you to do awesome stuff. I published 1,025 guest posts on Blogging Tips alone. Passion is the chief culprit.

Service. Re-read line above; I published 1,025 blog posts on this blog. 1,025 times, I rendered generous service by publishing guest posts on this blog. Dig deeper. I served readers 2,000 plus times on my blog, inspiring readers via my generosity. Service separates top bloggers from all other bloggers because passionate servants begin to develop the skills, exposure and credibility leading to a successful blogging career. Persistence puts you over the top, though.

Being passionate energizes you for a journey. Serving people increases your skills, exposure and credibility. But being patient is the ultimate difference maker in becoming a professional blogger. Few bloggers persist for 10,000 plus hours and 10 plus years. These few generous servants oozing with passion become the 7 and 8 figure blogging celebrities you know and love. I watched a 7 figure blogger speak at an event the 2 prior years. He noted his persistence as being a key factor in his success. This pro blogged for 15 years. Imagine 15 years ago, in your life. What did you do over that 15 year period? I worked a security guard job for 5 years and blogged for 10 years. But this icon blogged for 15 years during that time frame. Does it surprise you the dude makes 7 figures a year through blogging? He passionately served readers for 10,000 plus hours and 15 years. Give. Receive. Succeed.

Extraordinary blogging success requires extraordinary blogging effort. Remember that the next time you want to quit early during your blogging career. Sensational ventures seem infused with passion, service and persistence. You must love helping people so much that you help people through blogging for years of your life. Keep gong, keep serving and keep persisting for years of your life. Some bloggers blog passionately. Fewer genuinely serve people for any sustained period of time. Even fewer do it for 5 to 10 years of their lives. Be this blogger. Distance yourself from the herd by being in this crowd. Being passionate makes all the difference because passionate bloggers tap into blogging fuel for the next 10, 20 or 30 years of your life. Serving becomes easier if you love blogging. Persisting becomes easier if you love blogging. Keep at it. Passion. Service. Persistence. Succeed.


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