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How to Promote Yourself without Bragging and Repelling Readers

Guys, this blogging journey is SO fun and SO freeing most of the time. I am typing these words from a beautiful apartment in NYC, enjoying jaw-dropping views of the Hudson River. Imagine that? Step into those feelings. Would you too enjoy this fun and freedom? Unless you already enjoy such a fun, freeing life? If so, awesome. You picked the right blog post to read and study. Success is yours. Success is your birthright. I believe in you. Sometimes, though, becoming successful creates discomfort. Why? Fear stands between you and your fun, freeing dream life. Nothing else. Facing and feeling fear? Heck yeah, THAT is the discomfort we speak of. But ya gotta do it in order to succeed, to taste fun, to sip freedom and to live your dream life.

My neck feels hellishly stiff now and my mind races likt Usain Bolt sprinting away from a cheetah. Do I give up? Do I throw in the towel? Nope. Feeling and releasing discomfort seems to be a routine thing for me, in short, but intense stretches. I know what happens; my mind aka ego creates fears to move me back into being comfortable and unhappy, my predominant state, a while back. I, being awareness observing the mind-ego – ummmm….sometimes, LOL 🙂 – just watch the feelings, feel the fears, hug the discomfort and release both fears and discomfort, to carry on with successful blogging. No other way around discomfort; you need to go through it, to feel it, to grow through it, in order to position yourself to succeed.

My #1 tip for dealing with discomfort on your pro blogging journey is to follow an energy management ritual every single day. Guys; far and away, you can trash every other fear-facing tip if you diligently follow this tip because managing your energy expands your awareness, exposes your fears, raises your vibe to love-peace-calm-abundance, and helps you cut through discomfort like a hot knife through butter. I spend 3 hours – or more – daily, collectively meditating, doing Kriya yoga, doing deep yin yoga, power walking, and I also spend 40 seconds in an icy cold shower after rolling out of bed. Talk to your doctor before you take an icy cold shower. No one needs to become a blogging popsicle or to suffer from a heart attack 😉

Managing your energy through specific practices like the above, or, consider simple observation of your thoughts and feelings in a quiet room, prayer, EFT tapping, or other techniques…well….managing your energy daily can feel highly uncomfortable in and of itself. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable is the key to freedom, peace of mind, greater blog traffic and bigger blogging profits, because developing a better relationship with fear helps you experience all the sweet, freeing success that sits on the other side of fear.

For example, I publish 10 posts daily between my blog and guest posts, mainly because I spent so many hours managing my energy that I faced, felt and embraced the “HOW IN THE HECK CAN YOU PUBLISH SO MANY POSTS IN ONE DAY I CANNOT PUBLISH EVEN ONE POST DAILY!?!?!?!” fear that cripples most bloggers. Right now, if you seem in awe of me publishing 10 posts daily, you are really, really scared, afraid, fear-filled and crippled, about the thought of publishing 10 posts daily. Your ego, being a tricky jerk, tries to hide-mask the fears you feel as these silly ideas (which are not love, but fear):

  • I am lazy; FEAR
  • I have no time: FEAR
  • I have no ideas: FEAR

Unless you are living your dreams and empowering, inspiring, and uplifting people daily, you are afraid. Accept this truth. Rejecting the truth makes your fear, misery and love of comfort, grow, until things really get bad, leading to mental issues, financial issues, domestic issues and health issues. Own that you need to face your discomfort, and, follow an energy management ritual, to taste the sweet, freeing fun that blogging affords you. All those delicious emotions grow in your being if you face fear-discomfort daily, and following an energy-management ritual is the simplest way to dive in to, to nudge in to, and to feel fear-discomfort daily.

The fear-discomfort is gonna be there as you become more successful; it has to be. Meditating helps you face, feel and release the fear because meditating reveals to you, that you are awareness observing it all, and you are NOT the feelings, that your ego tries to convince you of.

Gotta roll guys…Darwin the 140 pound Bernese Mountain Dog here in NYC is calling.


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