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Industry Insider Tips from Brett Allcorn, CEO Gotham Offers

He is the founder and CEO of Gotham Club Media and runs a very successful affiliate network with exclusive in-house vsl offers. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him for over two years and must say not many know their business inside out like he does.

Most people make the majority of their traffic from one offer and one traffic source. Or at least one TYPE of offer and one TYPE of traffic source. This allows people to master that traffic source. But people need to understand the marketing messages and the audience and if the offer can fit into what they do well with the existing type of traffic source.

Personally – and I really hate to say this – but the network reps we work with, I’m sure they’re great, but they just don’t have time to really understand each offer on a deep level in terms of what’s working or what isn’t working in terms of traffic sources, GEOs, market, creatives, etc.

Brett Allcorn, CEO Gotham Offers

You want to talk to the company and ideally the PERSON who created the marketing and the offer to guide you on what’s working. They are going to have a world of knowledge and data. Not only can they save you time by telling you if the offer ISN’T right for your traffic source or marketing skills, but they can also tell you the newest of what IS working in terms of marketing messages and targeting. This will keep you AHEAD of other affiliates/pubs by doing extra work to get purer, better, more recent and accurate information. And the reason I say all this is because I am a business owner and offer creator and I see that the affiliates who drive the most sales are coming to me directly and we have an ongoing channel of communication about marketing. And that’s not even starting to get into the fact that you can cut better deals dealing directly with companies (if they have an in-house affiliate program) which has the possibility to double or triple profit, allow you to buy traffic other affiliates can’t even afford and just in general, be more dominant.

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