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Insider Tip from iAmAttila, Veteran Affiliate Marketer

About the Psychological Aspect of Affiliate Marketing

“One of the biggest tips I can give to anyone interested in affiliate marketing is to expect a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. You can make a lot, really fast, but you can also not make any money, and seem like the entire world is against you. This can cause depression, feeling horrible, not wanting to be around people and feeling dumb like you can’t get anything going. This is normal, it’s a huge part of this extremely volatile industry that’s a lot of fun with many, many great people. No one talks about this, because the gurus that have to sell courses do so with fake screenshots, lambos, and rich lifestyle – but the truth is, while you can earn killer money it’s not easy; it’s very hard, time-consuming and stressful. Go in with the right expectations, and you should do just fine, I’ve been a full-time internet marketer since 2008, but I always expect to make a $1, then $10, then $100 and so on, never dream of a billion dollars. One step at a time.”

A few wise words on finding profitable campaigns

“If a campaign is a winner, it will be a winner from day 1. The bs that you can optimize a bad campaign into a profitable one with endless testing is BS. You can optimize up from minus -20% ROI to positive 20%, but you can’t go from -100% profit to +. This is why it is important to split test many different offers and also angles. Spy, take what received a lot of traffic and make your own slight variants and start there.” –

iAmAttila, Veteran Affiliate Marketer

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