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Insider tips: How to slay the social scene at affiliate summit parties

Truth be told, the most memorable and epic business relationships are often made and solidified during the social scene. So where do you go? And how do you make the most of it without getting lost in the crowd?

Here are my tips from over two decades of experience:

Working the trade show floor is a great start at the trade show. It lets you see who’s who and you can also get a good feel for their team, the ones working the booth and the others who walk the floor. But not everyone from these companies have a booth and even the ones who do, you don’t always meet the whole team. So where can you find them? At the parties of course! And at the end of this message, I’ll let you in on the really good stuff!

When you get a chance to see these people outside of their “business mode” mindset, you really get a deeper look into who you’d like to do business with. Bonds are formed that you just can get on the show floor. Buying a drink for someone, letting them sit at your reserved table and sharing bottle service as you are having the time of your life is what does it. That’s what can take you over the top with the people you need to be in good with. Don’t be a dork, don’t over try, don’t show off and always be humble. Networking is like dating—don’t  talk all about yourself, listen to them and hear what they do and what they’re looking to do so you can jump in then with your solution rather than pitching them hard from the start. I find that people can waste away days working the trade show and leave without any results when they only work the trade show floor and they don’t really get a chance to talk to prospects deeper about their business model. Sure, that external battery was cool to get from them on the show floor and they have a nice biz card, but did I really see if I can work with them? What do they do again?

That’s where the party scene really can take your networking over the top and that’s exactly why I built the Affiliate Ball. I built it so people can form bonds and let loose with fellow industry friends. It doesn’t hurt to be able to see who sponsored the party. Branding with your logo being seen at the big party certainly can help your company get past the, “who are you again”? You’re THAT company that sponsored the party, they’re clearly having fun at. They see your logo all night. Instant name recognition can help you get a great head start against the competition.

Now we can get a little deeper into my Affiliate Ball for a sec. When I laid out my plan for these events, it was with 1 goal: How do I make my parties different from the others? And, I want them to remember the Ball 10 or even 20 years from now because it was legendary. Remember that Snoop Dogg Affiliate Ball when you got up close and couldn’t believe you were dancing with Snoop at an industry event? Or the bond you formed that night with the group of people you met there and can’t wait to see the next year or sooner? That’s how I want the Affiliate Ball to be. Remembered for years with bonds that last a lifetime. Believe it or, I don’t think that’s asking for too much.

Now here’s a chance for you to still get this party scene right and take my advice.

From Snoop Dogg to Ludacris, and T-Pain to Tha Dogg Pound this year, the Affiliate Ball is THE not-to-be-missed party at Affiliate Summit, Tuesday night January 28th at Light Nightclub in the Mandalay Bay Hotel. It’s not only the official party of the Summit but it’s also the BIGGEST party of the show averaging about 3,000 Affiliate Summit guests per Vegas party. So here’s how to work it best:

VIP Preparty: Get in early with the crème of the crop before all the noise and lines and network in a quieter atmosphere with the biggest players in the industry while Rat Pack Ricky performs classy Sinatra Style tunes.

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Throw Down For A Table: Show people you mean business, invite potential clients/partners to sit at your table and have a drink, and relax in comfort while you enjoy the AFFY awards and multiple music performances!

Book your table or get your logo seen on the screens –

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Live Large With Your LOGO On the Big Screen: Besides the fun of having your logo in your pictures and those with Tha Dogg Pound making it look like YOU threw the party, having your company’s logo on the MASSIVE I-Max sized screens provides instant familiarity and credibility when you’re introducing yourself and your company. AND, you don’t have to be a $20,000 sponsor to get in the rotation. You can now with this link starting at just 1K! You’ll even get seen on the Affiliate Ball website and get special thanks on the mic from yours truly.

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Can’t wait to see you at the Ball!

– Darren Blatt

How to slay the social scene at Affiliate Summit Parties


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