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Blogging tips for beginners may confuse you. Or perhaps these tips make perfect sense.

Guess what? One size does not fit all. I do things different than most bloggers but my newbie journey felt quite different too. Being a beginner blogger during the year of 2009, the landscape looked quite different than it does today.

Blogging Tips for Beginners

Knowing this, I want to give you my insights into how to become a successful blogger if you just bought your domain and hosting. Oh yes; that brings us to tip #1.

1: Buy Your Domain and Hosting

Buy your domain and hosting. Own your online real estate. Ensure that you call the shots. Brand yourself effectively. Monetize your blog intelligently. The single downside to buying your domain and hosting is investing $14 a year per domain name and about $5 to $20 monthly per hosting package for a beginner blogger.

2: Become More Fearless

Nobody becomes completely fearless unless you are enlightened. But becoming more fearless smooths out your newbie blogger journey because we all fall prey to many fears as newbs. Struggling bloggers imprison themselves in a cocoon of fear. Bloggers who hit the ground running develop a fearless nature about them.

3: Blog Mainly to Have Fun

Make fun the reward. Blogging mainly for fun makes you generous, patient and persistent, all key qualities for new bloggers to embody. Newbies need a dose of being generous, patient and persistent to begin blogging on the right foot. Buckle in; this ride will be fascinating, long and a bit rough at times.

4: Write 500 Words Daily for Practice

Write 500 words daily in a Word document for practice to gain confidence and clarity in your writing voice. Practice writing to develop your #1 blogging skill as a newbie.

5: Do Not Write off Search Traffic

New bloggers often err in believing Google traffic to be unattainable. Not true. Practice writing daily. Learn SEO details. Beginner bloggers with even months of experience can nail down long tail keyword traffic if you generously create content. Think targeted, passive traffic. Envision yourself ranking on Google. Develop a mental blueprint to prepare yourself for search traffic as a newbie.

blogging tips for beginners

6: Ask Your Readers for Blog Post Ideas

Do you feel a bit lost on what to blog about? Ask your readers for blog post ideas. Easy peasy way to write in-demand posts. What if you have no readers?

7: Observe Top Blogs for Blog Post Ideas

Follow top blogs in your niche. Scan blog posts. Read comments. What topics do you see? What do readers comment about? Write and publish posts on those topics. If top bloggers blog about it, it is relevant and helpful for your readership, too.

8: Invest in Blogging Resources

Learn from top bloggers how to blog. Invest money in courses, eBooks or other resources to get a solid blogging blueprint for following, studying and putting into practice. I offer this course and eBook for you to get started.

9: Humble Yourself

I had no idea what I did as a newbie blogger and made the mistake of believing I knew it all, or, that I would figure it out solo, fast. Was I ever wrong. I began to succeed only by humbling myself and following in the foot steps of successful bloggers like Zac Johnson. Be humble. Admit you are a newbie blogger who knows little. Follow pro advice.

10: Publish Content Frequently

Publish 1-2 posts weekly. Aim for 600-1000 words per post. Be thorough but make your point and exit stage left to see the greatest success as a newbie. Few newbie bloggers write with clarity. This is one of those blogging tips for beginners some hesitate to follow but those who do step away from the herd. Those who do hit the ground running. Pop up slowly and steadily on reader radar screens. Be as prolific as possible. Let people know; a new blogger is on the scene.

11: Network Generously

Begin building your blogging network from day 1. Comment genuinely on top blogs from your niche. Promote top bloggers from your niche on social media and through your blog. Be generous. Be genuine. Make blogging buddies early on to build your network as a beginner blogger.

12: Begin Monetizing Early

Monetize your blog early during your blogging career to get comfortable with receiving money. Start with affiliate marketing. Sell already created products to earn a profit.

13: Learn and Execute One Thing at a Time

Start with writing blog posts. Then network. Consider growing an email list, next. Learn and execute one strategy at a time to become successful as a beginner blogger. Smart newbies never try to become a jack of all trades and masters of none. Take your time to build your blogging campaign on a rock solid foundation.


There you have it guys.

Follow these tips to begin your blogging campaign from the right space.

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