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Review – My Online Startup

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of Chuck Nguyen’s ‘My Online Startup. Right, let’s get right into it…..

Who is this program for?
This is for everyone who ever wanted to make money online, newbie or otherwise.
This is for you if you’re fed up of being lied to by the dream peddlars.
This is for you if you’re sick and tired of buying courses that simply do not work.

What makes this program different?
This was created by a 7 figure marketer, Chuck Nguyen, and the course shows exactly how he started his business.
It was conceived after Chuck himself became very disillusioned with the affiliate marketing industry and the number of rubbish programs being sold. Chuck has a mission here and it is to completely revolutionise the affiliate marketing industry, his stated aim is:
…to do what no one else dares to do, which is to create…’A Free Education Platform Where Anyone Can Join, Learn, Start & Grow Their Very Own Six Figure Online Business In 2020′

This program is much, much more than a free course, please do not underestimate the value here. I’ve seen similar courses that do not have as much content sell for $2000 and more, in fact I may even have bought one in the past!

The course itself is completely free and there are two upgrades – Partner and Legendary Partner. These upgrades enable you to earn more commissions and are only available to you after you sign up for the free course.

CLICK HERE to access the free course

The course itself consists of an overview plus 8 main modules
These modules are broken down into over 35 easy to follow videos.
the videos cover everything from building a blog to YouTube marketing and mindset.

Module contents:

My Online Startup

Getting started – Overview
one video explaining what the course is all about and how to follow it.

The gameplan
One video – Your gameplan, laid out step by step.

Success mindset
Seven powerful mindset videos – honestly, this is amazing, this module could easily be sold as a separate course. Trust me, you will pick up a new perspective on success from this module.

My Online Startup

Affiliate marketing
Five videos – Affiliate marketing exposed and a golden method laid bare

My Online Startup

Lead generation
Six videos – How to build your list the right way, how to build rapport with your list so they stay loyal to you.

My Online Startup

Authority platform
Seven videos – Building an authority Blog and marketing platform. The right things to write about and tips on how to structure your articles.

My Online Startup

You Tube marketing
Six videos – Marketing the best way on You Tube. Again, this module could also be sold quite easily as a separate course. The value here is incredible!

My Online Startup

Forum marketing
One video – Targeting a quality traffic source

Targeted solo ads
Four videos – How to not fall foul of rogue solo ad vendors. Very important tips on buying solo ad traffic.

My Online Startup

It’s important to remember, free does not always mean great value – but this course is definitely a ‘must have’. The value here is off the scale, so click the banner below and get yourself immediate free access to this powerful resource.

My Online Startup

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