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Plain and simple.

Fear is your biggest blogging enemy because all success sits on the other side of fear. Bloggers who succeed face fear routinely. Face, embrace and release. Bloggers who fail choose not to face fear routinely. Simple, but highly uncomfortable concept to embrace. Who enjoys facing fear? No one. But doing so makes you pretty much invincible, because you shine so brightly in a world of bloggers who avoid facing deep, pulsating fears, including the panic of things seemingly not coming together traffic-wise and profit-wise. Bloggers want success now. Empty email inboxes trigger fear in bloggers. Sometimes, panic seems to arise. Do not panic. Slow down. Calm down. Relax. Develop the mindset of a successful blogger.

Never get caught up in the physical blogging world, blaming your small email list, scant traffic and lack of connections for your blogging failure. Blogging is between the ears. Blogging is in your mind. Fear is the enemy. Your FEAR of having a small email list handcuffs you. Because an email list is a bunch of neutral numbers. By itself, a list is worthless, and neutral. BUT the meaning your mind assigns to an email list means everything. Most bloggers foolishly make a god out of email lists because of fear-based attachments. The enemy is fear, NOT an email list. Avoid getting all distracted by a blogging world of THINGS. Like list problems, conversion problems, small readership, no blogging connections, all that stuff. Stuff is not at issue. Fear of stuff is the main issue. How could the thing be the actual issue? If having a small email list WAS the cause of blogging failure, how in the heck could I succeed with NO email list? Did you ever think of that one? I am no exception. I simply do not fear that having a small or no email list leads to failure. Remove the fear. No *thing* has power over you. But as long as you do fear some thing has power over you, problems ensue. Lose the fear. The thing loses its power.

Surround yourself with bloggers who display a type of fearlessness in all they do. Surround yourself with these folks. Learn from them. Soak up their inspiration. Hands down, hanging out with more fearless bloggers goads you to be more fearless too. Follow their lead. Nudge into fear. Success sits on the other side of fear, so you need to lean into fear to be successful online. Top pros succeed with all types of blogging strategies. Some have lists. Others do not have lists. Some guest post heaps. Others blog solely on their cyber real estate. Some bloggers publish 1 SEO-optimized post weekly. Other top pros publish daily. You choose. You decide where to clear fear, to allow your strategies to flow in that direction. All on you.

Fear is always the blogging culprit, the chief cause of your blogging struggles. Exit your comfort zone routinely. Find the fears holding you back. Position yourself to succeed more freely. Put yourself in the space of more fearless bloggers who transition out of “thing worship” into a more fearless, seamless, successful way of blogging.

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