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To Teach or To Create? Thoughts on Training Courses, Link Whisper, and Own The Yard

​As you develop skills in a certain area, there often comes a time when you can choose to either create more with that skill or you can teach others how to develop the skills you have developed.

When it comes to online marketing, that often becomes a question when you’ve had some success.  Should I double down and create more websites, products, etc using my skills?  Or should I create a training course that teaches other people how to create?

Don’t worry, I made the decision a few months ago to NOT teach online courses anymore, and I feel GREAT about that.  However, I did an interview this week (for my podcast) with a very successful entrepreneur who has gone all-in on teaching online courses.

He’s made over $2 million in the last year…from just 1 of his 5 courses.  Impressive!

(I’ll release that podcast interview in a few weeks…so be patient…).

Then earlier this week I got an email from a different successful entrepreneur that has stated about a year ago that he was quitting selling online courses.  Then his email this week retracted that statement and said he’s going to open the doors to his courses another time.


I guess that just means the draw of selling online courses is VERY strong.  However, I’m happy to report that I’m not tempted to get back into that…and will stand firm in that decision.

I’m REALLY enjoying the process of creating right now.  Here’s an update on a couple things that I’ve been creating lately…

Link Whisper Update

First, Link Whisper is a creation of mine that I’m really proud of.

Just this week I’ve had more positive comments on how helpful Link Whisper is from users that I think I had all year from selling courses before.  I love that my creation is truly helping other people grow their businesses.

The latest update for Link Whisper now allows users to search by keyword to find even more relevant and powerful internal links. (It’s super powerful).

If you want to see how this new keyword search function works, you can see it in action right here.

Then just last night, I released an update that gives you the option to only see suggested links if it shares a category with the post you are editing.  This is also a super powerful way to build a silo structure that helps you establish topical authority.

Again, it’s an option – you choose the types of links you want to see.

If you want to see how Link Whisper can help your website, see what it’s all about right here.

Overall, I’m enjoying the process of building and refining Link Whisper as a powerful software tool.  I’ve just hired a full-time US based developer and another customer service rep to help grow this business.

It’s great to create.

Own The Yard Update

The other project I continue to work on where I’m applying my skills (as opposed to teaching them) is with (my Niche Site Project 4 site).

I know it’s been a couple months since I’ve provided an update, and that’s been on purpose.  I really want to work with a little bit of privacy without providing updates for every move I make.

I will simply say that I’m still working diligently on the site and continue to add new content.

I predicted as the transition from summer to fall and then winter happened that there would be a downtrend due to seasonality.  While this is partially true, I’m seeing some very positive results.

Yes, less people are searching for things like backyard games…however, my overall organic traffic from Google is actually trending upwards!  The reason is simple, some of my articles might be getting slightly less traffic (due to seasonality), but I continue to add more and more content…so overall my Google traffic is stable or trending slightly up.

The best part is that my keyword rankings are all improving (even if less people are searching for those keywords at the moment due to seasonality).

I’m hopeful for a big holiday season.  Then if these trends continue, my site should grow significantly when spring starts rolling around.

That’s all I’m going to say about my site for now.  I’m still working away adding lots of content, and my rankings for individual keywords are all trending very positively.

Niche Pursuits Updates…

Even though I don’t sell any online courses anymore, I do still like to provide free training through  Here’s a few of the articles that were published on this week.

Overall, what decision will you make in your business?  Are you a teacher or a creator?  Or are you both?

I’ve made my decision…but the right decision may be different for you depending on your circumstances.  I don’t think there is a right or wrong choice, only choices that you are comfortable with.

Thanks again.

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