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Tutorial: How To Find Native Placements Using Adplexity Native

3 Major hassle-free traffic sources for affiliates

Now in all those 3 traffic sources, I have heard affiliates complaining about bad quality traffic. The fact is that its not all that. google Adwords has the best quality traffic but still you may not get desired results on your campaigns. As there are many factors involved when launching campaigns one of the biggest factor is finding the right placements. Placements always play a major role in failure or success rate of a campaign. For example if you are promoting a products related to CPA Marketing, And you have 4 placements,, and …
With Wpbeginner and Wp explorer you may get some conversions but you won’t much conversions unless you narrow down your targeting to or why ? Because these are the sites where you will find people who are most intrested in CPA Marketing… With Affiliate Marketing you have a very limited budget and with this budget you want to have as accurate targeting as possible. Same way even with 2 sites anrrowed down, You will ahve to find the most profitable widgets and unless you don’t nroow down to them your campaigns wont be profitable ….

In Short, Placements play a huge role and they can make or break your campaign!!!

How find best placements on Native Adnetworks?

  1. Testing
  2. Spying

The easiest way obviously is by spying but… You have a spying tool but don’t know how to find the best placements…

My granddad was a teacher and he used to say ” You will need brains even for cheating” …

So why do affiliates fail even when they use spy tools? They don’t know how to use their tools properly!

If you are one of those affiliates your troubles are over, I have started a new series with Adplexity where I will share all the details on how to make most out of your Adplexity tool and find winner campaigns.

How to Find Best Placements with Adplexity native

What’s the catch?

Well, you have nothing to lose, I am trying to promote my new project , I am working with a couple of service providers and Adnetworks to get you guys exclusive discounts. With that I am going to start a series where we will also discuss how you can make most out of these tools and ad networks, this video is just a start …

If you signup through my Affiliate Marketing Coupons site,I will get affiliates commissions (HELLO Test Budget for my affiliate campaigns) and you guys will get exclusive discounts which you can not find anywhere else… Sounds good?

P.S if you have any comments or suggestions ( Even negative ones) feel free to share with me …

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