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YouTube Banner Design Tips That Will Improve Your Subscription Rate

Are you new to the YouTube scene? Have you started your own YouTube channel and are ready to gain some followers?

The truth is you have seconds to capture the attention of a YouTube browser. So, if you have such a short amount of time, you have to do everything you can to capture their attention and set the hook.

How can you not only grab the attention of someone but also make them a YouTube follower in seconds?

The banner you put up on your channel is part of how you will grab attention in all the competition. 

Read on for design tips to make a YouTube banner worthy of many new followers. 

What Is a Banner?

Channel art is the banner that stretches across the top of your YouTube channel. It is like the headline of your page and the first thing someone will see when they visit your channel.

Your Banner and Branding

Because the banner is an instant image on the top of your channel, it’s a smart place to use an image in support of your brand. 

You can choose to use a logo or image that works to support and get attention for your brand. 

Pay Attention to Sizing

Pay attention to how your banner looks on multiple devices. You might create your banner on a desktop where the banner looks great. Yet, on a mobile device, it doesn’t work. 

YouTube provides these guidelines:

  • Minimum file dimensions: 2048 x 1152
  • Minimum safe area for text and logos: 1546 x 423 pixels, with larger images possibly being crossed on certain devices or displays
  • Maximum width: 2560 x 423 pixels, meaning that the “safe area” is always visible despite the size of the screen
  • Maximum file size: 4MB (but file sizes can be smaller)

Using a design template can also help you manage the sizing when you create the banner. 

Designing Your Banner

Now you are to the actual fun part, designing your banner for your channel. There are many YouTube banner ideas you can garner just from browsing other channels. 

It’s also smart to use a template to help you create your banner. 

Some design ideas include:

  1. Does your brand have a slogan or a tagline? The banner is a smart place to use your slogan or tagline because it’s so visible. It’s also how many people might know your brand.
  2. Use a strong image to represent your brand or channel. It’s important when working on your design you use high-quality images.
  3. Play with text size and font style to grab attention. 
  4. Use an image that shows what your channel is all about. 
  5. Use the banner to put in a call to action. You can direct viewers to your website or watch a new video you have posted. 
  6. Update information can also be posted on your banner. Use it to let followers know you have a new post ready for viewing. 

The design of your banner is only limited by your own imagination. Most importantly, think about what you want viewers to see when they land on your channel. 

Banner Design Tips for Your YouTube Channel

YouTube channel design is an important part of what your message is all about. Use these design tips to help you to create an attention-grabbing banner for your channel.

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